Primordia DAO Seeks to Onboard 100 DAOs Focused on Social Impact In 2022


Decentralization is a common term in today’s world, and it is being used in a number of creative ways, including decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These organizations pull in like-minded people from around the world to work together in flat, fully democratic organizations that provide a number of benefits to those involved. And now, Primordia DAO has been launched to catalyze DAOs for social impact.

Primordia DAO’s goal is to launch 100 DAOs leveraging the NEAR Protocol, a carbon-neutral layer 1 blockchain out of San Francisco. It is simple and secure while also being scalable. Moreover, the platform focuses on developer and user-friendliness, allowing the focus to be on making an impact. In fact, ease of use, as well as the ethical and community-oriented culture, are the reason it was chosen.

The primary objective of Primordia DAO is providing education to excluded communities, effectively bridging the gap using a number of art-based solutions. Moreover, the projects center around bettering the state of the world through social, psychological, economic, and ecological means.

As of now, thirty mission-driven DAOs are already going strong. In tune with Primordia DAO’s mission, the DAOs are using the NEAR Protocol to spread social justice and impact, which comes in forms like dispersing food, fighting climate change, bringing excluded communities into the web3 fold, and more.

Some of the DAOs currently involved include DAOs like Petgas DAO from Mexico, which is focused on fossil fuel sustainability. Others include Presence DAO, ARC DAO, and Neo Soul DAO. Each of them shares the same desire for social impact and makes up the beginning of Primordia DAO’s mission.

Additionally, those involved stress the importance of the DAO structure. The system is flat and fully democratized, allowing every individual to vote on any changes that will be implemented. It ensures transparency and fairness in all aspects, with everything remaining fully public. Because of that, those involved do not have to worry about hierarchical structure or manipulation.

While the overall goal of 100 DAOs is only 30% complete, Primordia DAO and the group that launched it, The Kin DAO, are looking to onboard new DAOs quickly. In fact, the goal for the year-long project is to have all 100 organizations onboard by the end of 2022.

Of course, numbers aside, the focus is on social impact and justice. It is a human-centric effort that looks to do a lot of good around the world, all powered by the blockchain.


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