Taylor Ping Announces Live Launch of Forging Founders

Scottsdale, Arizona-(Hexa PR Wire-May 31, 2023)- Taylor Ping, CEO of Hierarchy Media and advocate for women’s entrepreneurship, announces the live launch of Forging Founders today. This publication is a new platform designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with unique insights from international industry leaders. It aims to empower individuals intending to make their mark in diverse business sectors.

About Forging Founders

Forging Founders Logo (www.forgingfounders.com)
Forging Founders (www.forgingfounders.com)

Forging Founders offers information from experienced professionals across various sectors, including venture capitalists, fund managers, tech entrepreneurs, and women non-profit founders. The platform curates high-level press pieces, designed to nurture learning and growth for the next generation of business pioneers.

Taylor Ping, founder of Forging Founders, with permission.
Taylor Ping, founder of Forging Founders, with permission.

Taylor Ping, Founder of Forging Founders

Taylor Ping, founder, and CEO of Hierarchy Media, focuses on providing value to a wide audience through education. An advocate for women’s entrepreneurship, Ping uses her position to support international entrepreneurs and brands across diverse industries. Her latest project, Forging Founders, exemplifies this mission, aiming to enlighten and inspire emerging entrepreneurs.

Supported by Scale My Publication

Forging Founders was built in collaboration with Michael Peres and Scale My Publication, a comprehensive online service provider for news publications, bloggers, and online magazines.

Contact Information

Taylor Ping: www.taylorping.com
Email: contact@forgingfounders.com
Website: www.forgingfounders.com

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