Invest in The Edison: e-States Offers Accredited Investors Access to Mass-Timber Skyscraper

Milwaukee, Wisconsin(Hexa PR Wire–November 22, 2023)e-States, a leading platform for fractional commercial real estate, is excited to announce the launch of The Edison, a breakthrough investment opportunity that is set to redefine the mass-timber landscape.

With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, The Edison, developed by The Neutral Project, is a 32-story, mass-timber skyscraper that will revolutionize the way future real estate developments impact the environment. Designed to be the world’s tallest timber skyscraper, The Edison combines cutting-edge technology with environmentally friendly materials to create a truly unique and iconic structure. The asset consists of 381 for rent apartments, situated alongside the Milwaukee RiverWalk. It caters to the high-end housing market in Milwaukee while also using mass timber and Passive House (Phius) strategies to create a stunning visual appeal and address the growing concern of environmental impact.

Investors on the e-States platform will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking project with a $1000 minimum investment, leveraging the benefits of fractional investment to access a piece of this remarkable timber skyscraper. By lowering the minimum requirement and working with real estate developers, e-States aims to democratize access to high-quality investment opportunities that were once reserved for a select few. After completing an identity and accreditation verification, investors can easily purchase shares of the asset that are delivered digitally.

“We are thrilled to introduce The Edison to our esteemed investors,” said Matthew Schneider, CEO at e-States. “This project represents a significant milestone for e-States and the commercial real estate industry as a whole. We believe that The Edison will not only generate attractive returns for investors but also contribute to the advancement of sustainable and innovative construction practices.”

The Edison on e-States marks a new era of investment possibilities, combining the stability and growth potential of real estate with the sustainability and elegance of timber construction. The project is expected to create a landmark that will stand the test of time, offering both aesthetic beauty and long-term value. As a platform, e-States continues to spearhead industry improvements that challenge the status quo for the betterment of society.

Investors interested in participating in this exciting opportunity can visit the e-States platform and explore the details of The Edison. With limited slots available, early engagement is encouraged to secure a position in this groundbreaking investment. Certification of accreditation status will be necessary to complete the investment.

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