Hexa PR Wire Expands Distribution Network with Over 50 New Publications

Miami Beach, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–October 6, 2023)–Continuing its growth trajectory since its beta launch this year, Hexa PR Wire has incorporated over 50 new sources into its distribution list. With an additional 50 publications slated for inclusion by September 1, the firm reinforces its commitment to broadening its reach in the press release distribution domain.

Service Tiers

Hexa PR Wire provides two main service tiers for its clientele: a Standard Press Release and a Premium Press Release. The Premium option allows for distribution to channels including Yahoo News, Insider, and Bloomberg. Anticipating diverse client needs, Hexa PR Wire has also signaled the introduction of a third tier come mid-November.

Benefits of Using Hexa PR Wire

  • Visibility: Content is indexed in Google News and appears in the news tab of Google search results.
  • SEO Optimization: The distribution is tailored to enhance search engine ranking.
  • Broadened Reach: Press releases are disseminated through reputable news organizations.
  • Journalist Engagement: Facilitates wider readership among journalists.
  • Recognition: Provides the opportunity for businesses to flaunt the “As Seen On” tag on their platforms.

About Hexa PR Wire

Founded by Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) in 2022, Hexa PR Wire is a press release distribution service that assists businesses in distributing their public announcements. Prioritizing accuracy and timely delivery, Hexa PR Wire ensures that news from various sectors reaches its intended audience. The platform provides different distribution tiers to cater to diverse business needs and has recently expanded its network of news sources. With a straightforward approach to press release distribution, Hexa PR Wire aims to be a reliable conduit for businesses to share their news and updates with the public.

The New Wave of Publications

RedX Magazine (redxmagazine.com )

Thrive Insider (thriveinsider.com )

Times LA (timesla.com )

Entreprenerd (entreprenerd.net )

Success XL (successxl.com )

UK Uncut (ukuncut.org.uk )

God of Sound (godofsound.com )

Humane Network (humane.net )

Successful Daily (successfuldaily.com )

Next Mentors (nextmentors.com )

Socials Insider (socialsinsider.com )

Luxedb (luxedb.com )

The Dishh (thedishh.com )

US Features (usfeatures.com )

Travels HQ (travelshq.com )

Bosses Mag (bossesmag.com )

Top Hustler (tophustler.com )

Health Source Magazine (healthsourcemag.com )

Words Journal (wordsjournal.com )

Techvella (techvella.com )

Social Media Explorer (socialmediaexplorer.com )

Brief Mobile (briefmobile.com )

Jetlaggin (jetlaggin.com )

Altius Directory (altiusdirectory.com )

SourceFED (sourcefed.com )

eTopical (etopical.com )

Phenomena (phenomena.org )

Pluralist (pluralist.com )

Emphas (emphas.is )

UBI Interactive (ubi-interactive.com )

Good Decisions (gooddecisions.com )

Agree Net (agree.net )

SMSolar (smsolar.net )

GoPreneurs (gopreneurs.com )

LA Tabloid (latabloid.com )

In Entertainment (inentertainment.co.uk )

The Daily Haze (thedailyhaze.com )

Washington Guardian (washingtonguardian.com )

Bomb Report (bombreport.com )

Harcourt Health (harcourthealth.com )

Small Business Sense (small-bizsense.com )

The Rouge Magazine (theroguemag.com )

Mass News (https://www.massnews.com/ )

Mmminimal (mmminimal.com )

Street Register (streetregister.com )

Idea Wins (ideawins.com )

Long Island Business Report (longislandreport.org )

One by Four Studio (onebyfourstudio.com )

Keto Dash (ketodash.com )

Blerp (blerrp.com )

The Glimpse (theglimpse.com )

Brown Planet (brownplanet.com )

Smart Talk Success (smarttalksuccess.com )

Market Research Journals (marketresearchjournals.com )

Forks to Feet (forkstofeet.com )

The Cleanweb Initiative (cleanweb.co )

Sharism (sharism.org )

Fiction Talk (fictiontalk.com )

Top Travels Trends (toptraveltrends.com )

Diet & Fitness for All (dietfitnessforall.com )

Hungry Bear Logo (hungrybear.net )

Career Savvy (careersavvy.co.uk )

Rush PR News (rushprnews.com )

Trondstidkon Troll (trondstidkontroll.com )

Jardal Paintball (jardal-paintball.com )

Paraskevas (paraskevas.net )

BrickVest (brickvest.com )

Rogue Valley imc (rogueimc.org )

Ribbon (ribbon.co )

Independent (independent.mk )

Baltimore News Journal (baltimorenewsjournal.com )

The NYC Times (thenyctimes.com )

The Point News (thepointnews.com )

A Detailed Summary of Publications

Her Forward (herforward.com )Sample URL 71/50
RedX Magazine (redxmagazine.com )Sample URL 71/53
Grit Daily (gritdaily.com )Sample URL 74/57
Forging Founders (forgingfounders.com )Sample URL 70/56
Block Editorial (blockeditorial.com )Sample URL 64/56
Block Telegraph (blocktelegraph.io )Sample URL 72/66
Peres Daily (peresdaily.com )Sample URL 53/56
Breaking 9 To 5 (breaking9to5.com )Sample URL 53/57
Thrive Insider (thriveinsider.com )Sample URL 30/58
Times LA (timesla.com )Sample URL 50/66
Celeb Homes (celebhomes.net )Sample URL 29/71
Entreprenerd (entreprenerd.net )Sample URL 26/58
Success XL (successxl.com )Sample URL 50/56
UK Uncut (ukuncut.org.uk )Sample URL 47/54
God of Sound (godofsound.com )Sample URL 31/53
Humane Network (humane.net )Sample URL 39/52
Successful Daily (successfuldaily.com )Sample URL 30/51
Next Mentors (nextmentors.com )Sample URL 30/51
Socials Insider (socialsinsider.com )Sample URL 13/52
Luxedb (luxedb.com )Sample URL 32/50
The Dishh (thedishh.com )Sample URL 38/49
US Features (usfeatures.com )Sample URL 30/52
Travels HQ (travelshq.com )Sample URL 30/51
Smartech (smartechdaily.com )Sample URL 60/54
Meditech Today (meditechtoday.com )Sample URL 61/58
Transit Tomorrow (transittomorrow.com )Sample URL 69/57
Financial Tech Times (financialtechtimes.com )Sample URL 59/57
Bosses Mag (bossesmag.com )Sample URL 31/52
Top Hustler (tophustler.com )Sample URL 11/53
The News Hub (the-newshub.com )Sample URL 45/54
Health Source Magazine (healthsourcemag.com )Sample URL 26/67
Sli Mag (sli.mg )Sample URL 55/57
Words Journal (wordsjournal.com )Sample URL 17/64
Techvella (techvella.com )Sample URL 1/65
Social Media Explorer (socialmediaexplorer.com )Sample URL 74/60
Brief Mobile (briefmobile.com )Sample URL 42/54
Jetlaggin (jetlaggin.com )Sample URL 32/56
Altius Directory (altiusdirectory.com )Sample URL 41/54
SourceFED (sourcefed.com )Sample URL 49/51
eTopical (etopical.com )Sample URL 28/56
Phenomena (phenomena.org )Sample URL 36/60
Pluralist (pluralist.com )Sample URL 43/51
Emphas (emphas.is )Sample URL 40/51
UBI Interactive (ubi-interactive.com )Sample URL 40/50
Good Decisions (gooddecisions.com )Sample URL 45/53
Agree Net (agree.net )Sample URL 43/51
SMSolar (smsolar.net )Sample URL 11/56
GoPreneurs (gopreneurs.com )Sample URL 33/52
LA Tabloid (latabloid.com )Sample URL 32/50
In Entertainment (inentertainment.co.uk )Sample URL 31/49
The Daily Haze (thedailyhaze.com )Sample URL 27/46
DigitalAdBlog (digitaladblog.com )Sample URL 53/54
Washington Guardian (washingtonguardian.com )Sample URL 34/43
Bomb Report (bombreport.com )Sample URL 45/44
Harcourt Health (harcourthealth.com )Sample URL 64/46
Small Business Sense (small-bizsense.com )Sample URL 63/47
The Rouge Magazine (theroguemag.com )Sample URL 43/40
PSPL (pspl.com )Sample URL 27/45
Mass News (https://www.massnews.com/ )Sample URL 48/43
Mmminimal (mmminimal.com )Sample URL 50/49
Street Register (streetregister.com )Sample URL 29/42
Teeth Grinder UK (teethgrinder.co.uk )Sample URL 64/43
Article Rich (articlerich.com )Sample URL 37/40
Idea Wins (ideawins.com )Sample URL 35/42
Childcare Partnerships (childcarepartnerships.org )Sample URL 6/51
Side Car (side.cr )Sample URL 60/63
Info Tech (infotechinc.net )Sample URL 30/58
LM Cordoba (lmcordoba.com.ar )Sample URL 41/57
Womens Conference (womensconference.org )Sample URL 40/50
Blackberry Empire (blackberryempire.com )Sample URL 35/49
UTV (utv.ie )Sample URL 39/49
Long Island Business Report (longislandreport.org )Sample URL 31/44
Faith Family America (faithfamilyamerica.com )Sample URL 20/40
One by Four Studio (onebyfourstudio.com )Sample URL 39/39
Keto Dash (ketodash.com )Sample URL 33/35
Spiritual Quotes (spiritual-quotes.org )Sample URL 7/25
Blerp (blerrp.com )Sample URL 28/32
The Glimpse (theglimpse.com )Sample URL 33/31
Brown Planet (brownplanet.com )Sample URL 8/33
Passionate About Food (passionateaboutfood.net )Sample URL 25/32
Idea Crossing (https://www.ideacrossing.org/ )Sample URL 51/30
Smart Talk Success (smarttalksuccess.com )Sample URL 19/29
Market Research Journals (marketresearchjournals.com )Sample URL 32/25
Forks to Feet (forkstofeet.com )Sample URL 24/27
Military Parenting (militaryparenting.org )Sample URL 27/21
The Cleanweb Initiative (cleanweb.co )Sample URL 34/31
Sharism (sharism.org )Sample URL 17/26
Fiction Talk (fictiontalk.com )Sample URL 26/27
Top Travels Trends (toptraveltrends.com )Sample URL 8/24
Realie (realie.org )Sample URL 3/15
CFX Magazine (cfxmagazine.com )Sample URL 28/14
Chronic Cities (chroniccities.us )Sample URL 0/5
UC Connection (ucconnection.org )Sample URL 4/10
Duovolt Art (duovoltart.com )Sample URL 0/11
Diet & Fitness for All (dietfitnessforall.com )Sample URL 4/10
Hungry Bear Logo (hungrybear.net )Sample URL 2/10
Article Rich (articlerich.com )Sample URL 37/40
Career Savvy (careersavvy.co.uk )Sample URL 28/35
Rush PR News (rushprnews.com )Sample URL 48/44
Trondstidkon Troll (trondstidkontroll.com )Sample URL 0/6
Jardal Paintball (jardal-paintball.com )Sample URL 0/10
Paraskevas (paraskevas.net )Sample URL 5/14
Charity and Life (charityandlife.com )Sample URL 21/52
Project Disapora (projectdiaspora.org )Sample URL 19/39
A Green Sign (agreensign.com )Sample URL 40/70
BrickVest (brickvest.com )Sample URL 29/36
LincolnLabs (lincolnlabs.com )Sample URL 28/37
FriendHood Relationship Advice (friendhood.net )Sample URL 31/35
Rogue Valley imc (rogueimc.org )Sample URL 22/31
Ribbon (ribbon.co )Sample URL 29/39
Independent (independent.mk )Sample URL 34/34
Hotel eGuide (hoteleguide.com )Sample URL 4/61
Baltimore News Journal (baltimorenewsjournal.com )Sample URL 33/30
The NYC Times (thenyctimes.com )Sample URL 27/51
The Point News (thepointnews.com )Sample URL 26/40

Contact Information

Hexa PR Wire Team, WhatsApp: www.wa.me/14152129449/
Hexa PR Wire, website: www.hexaprwire.com
Michael Peres, email: contact@michaelperes.com
Michael Peres, website: www.michaelperes.com

This article was originally published at: https://hexaprwire.com/wealthblock-launches-the-future-of-capital-raising-with-its-advanced-e-signature-system/

Hexa PR Wire
Hexa PR Wirehttps://hexaprwire.com
Hexa PR Wire is a press release distribution service founded by Michael Peres in 2022.

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