Pete Nohelty Joins Metal Blockchain to Bridge the Worlds of Blockchain and Financial Services

Pete Nohelty Joins Metal Blockchain to Bridge the Worlds of Blockchain and Financial Services

Finance is undergoing a revolution as digital transformation and innovation take center stage in the industry. No longer can a company afford to fall behind, a truth Metal Blockchain has embraced throughout its existence. It has always stayed ahead of the curve, and now it is continuing to do that with the induction of Pete Nohelty, the Chief Technology Officer at Vibrant Credit Union, into the Metal Blockchain Advisory Council.

The addition of Nohelty marks a pivotal moment for both Metallicus and the broader financial sector. It stands to herald a new era of blockchain solutions, tailor-made for the unique challenges and opportunities of credit unions and financial institutions at large.

Developed by Metallicus and guided by CEO Marshall Hayner, Metal Blockchain is a trailblazer in Layer 0 technology, dedicated to reshaping global finance with a secure, scalable, and decentralized platform. This foundation allows for the creation of customized solutions spanning digital payments, stablecoins, digital identity, and more.

The collaboration between Nohelty and Metal Blockchain is a reflection of the current trajectory of both the company and the industry. As financial institutions grapple with the demands of digital transformation, security, and efficiency, Metal Blockchain offers a path forward. Simultaneously, Nohelty’s expertise in blockchain technology and his deep understanding of the financial sector’s needs make him an invaluable asset in this journey.

His role in Metal Blockchain is crucial, as Don Berk, Chief Operating Officer of Metallicus, notes, “Pete’s unique perspective on credit union innovation enhances our efforts to tailor Metal Blockchain for the financial sector.”

Nohelty brings a rare combination of technical acumen and sector-specific insight to the table, with his experience at Vibrant Credit Union equipping him with an understanding of the technological needs of financial institutions. It has also provided him with a vast network within the fintech community, putting him in position to assist Metallicus in expanding Metal Blockchain’s commercial viability and reach across the financial landscape.

“I am thrilled to support Metallicus as a member of the Metal Blockchain advisory council and contribute to the advancement of blockchain within the Credit Union sector,” Nohelty says. His vision for the partnership goes beyond mere technical support, with ambitions to pioneer new solutions that drive innovation and enhance the financial services sector.

A key aspect of Nohelty’s role will be his contribution to the Metal Blockchain Banking Innovation Program, where he will help build a consortium for multiple credit unions. This initiative seeks to leverage the collective expertise and resources of these institutions to create use cases that reduce costs, mitigate risks, and increase the probability of successful deployments.

The partnership between Nohelty and Metal Blockchain is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the financial sector. It is a strategic move that not only aligns with the direction of the industry but also sets a new standard for innovation, security, and efficiency. As Metal Blockchain continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in finance, Nohelty’s role in this journey will undoubtedly be a catalyst for change.


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