Parichute Harnesses NFTs to Make the World a Better Place


The NFT craze doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to finishing as companies, personalities, and artists continue to take advantage of the technology to raise the masses. Now, Parichute is looking to use them to incentivize and reward donors for helping those who need it the most.

While NFTs have become synonymous with collectibles and digital art, technology has the potential to serve a lot of different purposes. Parichute’s NFTs will not only operate as a badge of honor for those donating to impactful causes but also provide them with access to a variety of benefits ranging from VIP access to the platform to exclusive invitations to in-person events. Samantha Mewis, NC Courage & US Women’s National Team. said about the platform:

“I like to use my platform for good and help out when I can. When I’m in season, I have less time to find causes and support them. A platform like Parichute makes it extremely easy to connect with organizations and make a large impact without a huge time commitment.”

Founded by Alex Crognale, Kyle Marie Dawson, and Zack Steffen, Parichute’s mission is to provide celebrities with a  platform to drive positive change in the world. The use of NFTs is just a part of the strategy to fulfill this mission, with community engagement being the most important aspect of the platform.

Two different versions of the NFTs will be minted by Parichute to run its inauguration campaign, with a total of 250 gold versions and 750 silver versions of the Parichute Launch Day VIP NFT. The first users to pledge more than $100 and between $50-$99, will be rewarded the NFT respectively.

These NFTs will also operate as a membership, with the gold NFT providing 3 months of VIP access while the silver NFT will provide 1 month. This will allow users to interact closely with their favorite celebrities, which will make charity more exciting, interactive, and rewarding.

While NFTs have previously been used to raise money for charity by projects like Binance’s “NFT for Good”, Parichute’s use of NFTs not only as a collectible reward but also as an element with additional benefits makes the approach noteworthy. Once the use of NFTs as a mere means of collecting assets starts to halt, applications like this are likely to gain notoriety, boosting the ecosystem toward a new period.


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