Over 81% of crypto gaming transactions are performed on the WAX blockchain


According to Footprint analytics over 81% of all crypto gaming transactions take place on the WAX blockchain. WAX has been praised for its ability to facilitate millions of transactions per day using a proof-of-stake consensus. This also allows the ecosystem to be eco-friendly and less energy intensive than other blockchains. 

Let’s take a closer look at the leading games on the WAX blockchain and in the crypto gaming space overall. Farmers World and Alien Worlds are the most popular crypto games by number of users and transactions.


Alien Worlds 

Alien Worlds allows players to stake Trillium to planets to vote in upcoming Planet DAOs. The game has amassed a following of over 1 million active users per month. Each player get a chance to play with NFTs, stake Trilium, build communities, trade cards and submit proposals to the planetary treasury. 

It is now highly regarded as the largest decentralized game on earth and consistently ranks number 1 in DAPP games by monthly users. The Alien Worlds community is one of the most active blockchain communities and often players will form mini-games within the game, taking the game into new channels and using the in-game digital assets to create games within the game itself.  

The user experience is light touch and friendly, making the transactions easy to initiate. 

Farmers World

Farmers World is a play to earn game that is often ranked in the top three blockchain games globally with over 150,000 active users and one of the largest in the world of NFTs. As a farmer in Farmers World you can engage in breeding, mining, building, and protecting wild animals. Players will purchase WAX on Atomic hub, the NFT marketplace. Players use Wood, Food and Gold as the main resources in Farmer’s World.

Game developers have cited Polygon, WAX and BNB Chain as being the most user-friendly for gamers. The DappRadar report also indicates that blockchain games thrive on smaller and cheaper chains like WAX, Hive and Solana.  


Blockchain gaming has proved to be a key category for future growth of Web3 and adoption into existing and new markets. The gaming Dapps drive 52% of all blockchain activity, according to the most recent report by DappRadar.


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