Out of Africa NFT Collection is paving the way for Fine Artists

Instead of moving away from the traditional values of Fine Art, this unique Out of Africa NFT collection aims to modernize our approach to the Fine Art Industry. It will bring blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the table of fine art collectors who are interested in getting involved in this innovative scene. The Invictus NFT Lab’s inaugural Out of Africa collection of 118 physical artworks from the most popular artistic talent in Southern Africa shines a light on NFT’s as a new medium for art distribution.  

Although most within the blockchain industry are now familiar with art NFTs as valuable collectors items, many are still only grasping the concept of digital assets in the artworld. Earlier this year, Art Basel, a well known mecca of the art world brought NFT’s into their exhibition. This was a brave and giant move towards adopting digital art as a reputable medium for artists to work with. This new Out of Africa collection by NFT Lab from Invictus Capital is pushing the boundaries further, merging both the physical and NFT world. 

What is an NFT? 

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, are unique items that can’t be replaced by something else. They can refer to anything digital; an image, a video, a piece of land in the metaverse, recorded audio or even a tweet.  An easy example that is often used to understand NFT’s is the difference between fungible and non-fungible. A currency is fungible because when you trade one for another you will be left with the same thing. A one off piece of digital art however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for another piece of art you would have something completely different. 

Innovative Technology offering artists a new audience

Innovation is key to understanding the NFT collections that are making headlines across the world. From quirky Bored Apes to play-to-earn collections like Love Monsters, NFT artists are starting to understand the longevity of the projects within the world of crypto. 

Invictus Capital is combining the best of fine art with blockchain technology to bring more top rated talent into the scene, giving them access to a new, international audience with a unique, royalty model made possible by this innovative technology.

As more of the wealth is passed on to younger generations that are already famiLiar with blockchain technology it will become increasingly important for artists to work with NFT galleries and collectors that are driving this movement forward and building communities around NFT collections.  In a world where many are at risk of falling behind when it comes to the application of this new technology it is crucial that artists have platforms and organizations that they can partner with to showcase their work and learn more about the opportunities unveiled through collaboration. 

Out of Africa Fine Art NFTs

No endeavor in the art world could be possible without artistic flair and talent. To this end, the NFT Lab has secured the participation of a number of high-profile contemporary Southern African artists that incorporate a diverse set of voices. From Robert Slingsby’s use of ancient geometry to celebrate African heritage, Matthew Hindley’s poetic brushstrokes, Janko de Beer’s fantastical sculptures (with the King of Morocco a notable fan), Blessing Ngobeni’s inspiring story of redemption and his art’s brave socio-political commentary, or Olivié Keck’s pop-culture inspired whimsy, the strength of the region’s diversity — not only in culture but also artistic style — shines through.

“The Out of Africa Collection is made up of 118 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and is the first time many of the artists have worked in the NFT space. This collection is a triumph for these artists and represents some of the finest new, upcoming and established talent.” Marelize van Zyl, curator for the Out of Africa collection

The project kicks off with the distribution of the NFT posters to interested parties and will culminate in an auction in February for NFT representations of the original, physical artworks. These NFTs act like a certificate of ownership, and the holder can opt to have the original artwork delivered.

Lisa Gibbons
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Lisa Gibbons is the Editorial Director at BlockTelegraph.

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