Open Campus Protocol launch $10M Web3 Global Educators Fund with support from Animoca Brands


Open Campus Protocol, a community led protocol, have launched a $10M Web3 Global Educators Fund with support from leaders like Animoca Brands.

Animoca Brands, a pioneering company with a focus on the metaverse and digital property rights for gaming, has announced its commitment to contribute to the Global Educators Fund.

The fund, established by Open Campus Protocol (Open Campus), aims to enhance standard education curricula through the use of innovative Web3 technologies and communities. With a generous grant of US$10 million, the Fund seeks to revolutionize education and empower educators worldwide.

What is Open Campus?

Open Campus is a community-led protocol, bringing together educators, content creators, parents, and students under a common vision.

The core mission of Open Campus is to leverage the power of Web3 to create an inclusive and modern educational space that facilitates collaboration between teachers, parents, students, and content creators.

Among its launch partners are Animoca Brands, TinyTap, GEMS Education, Liberty City Ventures, Dalton Learning Lab, and other prominent entities.

Animoca Brands Co-Founder and CEO, Yat Siu, expressed his excitement and support for the project at Twitter.

A new vision to empower educators

While many edtech approaches have focused on digitizing traditional education, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, the edtech industry has often been limited to established subject matter and educational material.

However, Open Campus empowers communities to create, own, and promote the educational content they desire. Moreover, the protocol enables educators to earn revenue and gain recognition for their valuable contributions.

The Global Educators Fund provides incentives for qualified teachers and individuals with expertise in relevant subjects to develop educational courses. These courses can encompass interactive games, slideshows, videos, and other engaging forms of content.

Successful applicants stand to receive up to $100,000 in EDU tokens, the native governance and utility token of Open Campus, to finance the development of their courses.

These courses can then be published on Open Campus launch partners like TinyTap, tokenized, and sold as Publisher NFTs, giving teachers true ownership of their content and the ability to generate revenue.

“Teachers are among the most prolific and important content creators, but they often lack the funding to advance and innovate in the classroom and in their learning programs. By supporting the Open Campus Global Educators Fund, which we believe is the first of its kind, we want to use Web3 to allow educators around the world to produce new educational content that is relevant and innovative and that can adequately prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the future,” said Siu.

Yogev Shelly, the CEO of TinyTap and a member of the EDU Foundation Council, also expressed enthusiasm for the initiative. Shelly emphasized the importance of reaching underserved communities and focusing on core educational values.

He stated, “We want to touch upon core values for education and reach underserved communities around the world. Open Campus exists to support knowledge seekers and providers in an interdependent ecosystem. The Open Campus Global Educators Fund will allow teachers to claim upfront funding for the development of material that will have a real impact on the world.”

Open Campus returns decision-making power to educators and their students. It enables teachers to create materials tailored to the specific needs of students while recognizing and rewarding the achievements of educators and content creators who facilitate the pursuit of new knowledge. This opens up new avenues for effective educators worldwide to generate revenue.

The commitment of Animoca Brands to the Global Educators Fund represents a significant step forward in leveraging Web3 technologies to reshape the educational landscape.


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