NFTs for the people by the people at NFC Lisbon

“How many people here have minted an NFT?” Every person in the main auditorium put up their hands. “How many people here have created an NFT” Every person in the auditorium put up their hands. How heartening it was to be surrounded by so many creators and collectors all at the one conference. NFC Lisbon brought together inspiring talks, displays of unlimited NFT talent and elaborate entertainment.

The two-day conference was a hotbed for artistic talent but also highlighted the accessibility of NFTs to anybody interested in art and technology. One of the most wonderful aspects of Web3 is its accessibility. You don’t need to be Picasso to get involved in the community and you don’t need to be a high-end collector to appreciate the value of NFTs.

From the moment you climbed the steps to the historic Carlos Lopes Pavillon building, you could tell that the space would be buzzing for the two days of eclectic talks, exhibitions and events. 

On Day 1 the main conference room was packed from the beginning, hosting engaging keynotes and panel discussions. Brian O’Hagan from Sorare detailed the importance of having an easy user experience to make the NFT landscape accessible which was a theme that reappeared again and again. 

The most moving discussion was the panel dedicated to the work of NFT artist Alotta Money, a household name and visionary in the NFT space. His fellow artists and admirers took to the stage to provide a heartwarming tribute to his work and life, showcasing some of his most stunning and thought-provoking NFT creations. 

On Day 2 I had the privilege to moderate a panel featuring the lovely Ombeline Rosset, Curator at, Alex McCurry, Founder of and Colborn Bell, Founder of the Museum of Crypto Art. There was some debate about the value of NFTs making it an extra lively discussion. 

Lunch with Arianee was a special treat for press visitors where co-founder Pierre Nicolas hustle and Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox presented the future of luxury goods in the metaverse. Partnering with world-renowned brands is nothing new for The Sandbox and their collaboration with luxury goods expert Arianee will help to create the most immersive metaverse experience for leading fashion houses around the world. 

The side panels hosted more technical workshops and discussions that suited the developments in attendance. Greg Saitzev, CTO of Unique Network gave an interesting breakdown of the Climate impact of NFTs that needs a follow-up discussion and Versum provided a workshop on their new Tezos NFT workshop.

The venue was perfectly suited to soak in the atmosphere with coffee on tap and little bites of Portuguese love in the form of Pastel de Natas to greet every participant. Bringing artists and collectors under the same roof led to an emotionally charged conference packed with talent, a squeeze of crypto and a drop of coolness that would be hard to replicate.

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Lisa Gibbons is the Editorial Director at BlockTelegraph.

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