How NFTify Is Creating a Shopify Marketplace for NFTs


NFTify, which calls itself “the Shopify of NFT,” is an all-in-one bundle that allows you to create your own NFT marketplace. Shopify is the comprehensive build-a-store online product that has taken the internet by storm. Nearly everyone who has an online store is using Shopify, including Amazon, so to call yourself the Shopify of NFT is a loaded promise. Let’s see what NFTify has cooking.

In order to understand what NFTify does, we must fully understand what NFTs do. Non-Fungible Tokens are what world-renowned mathematician Nassim Nicholas Taleb described as the tech equivalent of what the philosopher Saul Kripke called a “rigid designator.” An object or asset given very specific and unchangeable properties that will forever exist on its blockchain. Whatever digital asset you own can be made permanent and the ownership is 100 percent verifiable at all times.

More Than Art

Most people think of images/art when they think of NFTs, but the truth is that NFTs will likely be used for many other purposes like vendors selling tickets to their events. Imagine narrowly missing concert tickets to your favorite artist in town, sold out by the time you refreshed the page.

If these tickets are sold as NFTs that verify each entry, when someone doesn’t show up or says they can’t make it then you would automatically queue to be next in line to get in…no middleman or calling the venue’s helpline to see if there is anything they can do to work some magic. The magic is in the NFT.

Minting an NFT onto the blockchain can take hours and costs gas money. This is just one of the reasons why NFTify has stepped into the market. The primary reasons businesses have worked with NFTify to incorporate NFTs in their line of products are:

  • Low cost of entry: businesses and brands can issue NFTs and create a market with a click.
  • Copyright protection done with in-house AI to prevent fake native NFT coins.
  • Customization: NFTify helps organize the layout of your store’s appearance through themes and offers unlimited functions through NFTify’s plugins.

Take a look at NFTify’s on-chain model for building new NFT markets:

NFTify uses the PolkaFoundry blockchain to mint your NFT as opposed to the Ethereum blockchain to mitigate gas and incubation costs. Since the Polkadot network is cheap and serves efficiently on parachains, the incubated NFT marketplace can easily be transferred onto the Ethereum chain as well as Binance Smart Chain.

Recently, NFTify released a product called NFTify AI Services Demo, which helps users protect their NFTs by cross-scanning images to find duplicate copies that could be falsified. 

Onboarding Enterprises

Businesses rushing to get into the NFT marketplace have trouble overcoming programming and marketing hurdles. With even the successful marketplaces like NBA Top Shot having trouble making transactions on-chain, it is becoming more apparent now that prospective NFT marketplaces need a stepping stone to achieve optimal market functionality with minimal friction. 

In a new and burgeoning space, NFTify offers the sturdiest base as well as visual marketing for NFT marketplaces to grow for collectibles, authentication and venue ticketing.


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