New Fintech App Neverless Launches with Money Trees


Neverless Fintech used Guerrilla marketing tactics to make a splash for their launch in Dublin last week. In a head turning approach to announcing its arrival on the fintech scene, the team adorned the city streets with branded five euro notes, in a twist on the old saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. The unconventional launch saw passersby pluck the notes from the trees.

The brainchild of former Revolut executives, Neverless is on a mission to democratize wealth-building strategies, making them accessible to everyone, not just the financial elite.

The Neverless team strategically placed mock banknotes, that were redeemable for between 1 to 50 euro each, on smaller trees across the city and culminating in a grand display at Peace Park. The public were greeted with the surreal sight of money seemingly sprouting from the branches overnight.

As part of the 24hr stunt, the team put additional coasters and stickers around the city. All the executions wanted to enhance the fact that with Neverless, people can make money passively, at higher rates than any bank. Currently yielding 12.71%, the team is confident they’re here to stay and disrupt the market, just like they did with their marketing executions.

This guerrilla marketing tactic wasn’t just about gaining attention from the general public – it was a reflection of Neverless’s philosophy of earning more by doing less. Leveraging a blend of trading and arbitrage opportunities within the cryptocurrency markets, they promises to generate significant returns for its users, even while they sleep.

With over 3000 downloads of its app since its December release, Neverless is already making waves in the fintech world. The platform operates as an EU-registered Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP).

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Fintech with Creative Marketing Tactics

As financial technology gains more mainstream attraction, experienced marketers are entering the industry. Rita Riera Pastallé, Marketing Director at Neverless understands the value and role of eye-catching campaigns to win the general public.

In the competitive landscape of technology startups, effective marketing strategies can often make or break a company’s launch. By thinking outside the box organisations can create a buzz around its brand and generate excitement among its target audience. Guerilla marketing paired with social media can help to achieve brand visibility and set the stage for future growth.

Neverless employs a variety of strategies to generate returns for its users based on the future of financial services, including high-frequency arbitrage, market making, passive liquidity provision, and funding rate arbitrage. By automating these processes and leveraging the cryptocurrency markets, they aim to deliver consistent profits to its users while minimizing risk.

As Neverless sets its sights on expanding beyond Dublin’s borders, it will be interesting to follow their engagement strategies that stand out from the crowd. With its innovative approach to both finance and brand awareness, this new Fintech start-up is off to a flying start.


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