Officially Launches This Weekend

CHIPZ, a crypto-based gambling platform that enables users to bet launches officially this weekend with NFL betting

Costa Rica, December 30, 2021 — The highly anticipated launch of the biggest betting decentralized finance (defi) project goes live this weekend in time to place bets on NFL teams. and its token CHIPZ, will be offering NFL betting this weekend on their platform. Chipz will be offering the opportunity to use the platform, if you are holding a minimum of 500,000 CHIPZ tokens, which can be purchased on Binance Smart Chain and Uniswap.

“Our entire team from the frontend to the backend, including but not limited to our CEO Josh Thompson to our CTO Joab Garza, have done a fantastic job,” said Chipz CMO Justin Lally. “The support of the ever-growing Chipz community has been great. We have stuck to our roadmap, including going live with the platform this weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

This weekend Chipz will be enable users who are holding at least 500,000 chipz to bet on NFL games. “What we are doing is game changing, in every sense of the phrase,” said Lally. “Once you are holding 500,000 chipz you download the app at, set up an account, log in. connect your trust wallet and place your bet.”

Your bet is initiated when someone else matches it. Lally noted Chipz is charging just 4 percent on each bet, compared with all other sports book which charge a “vig,” or a standard 10 percent on each bet.

“This is the best platform for any user to bet on,” Lally said. “We are opening up in January 2022 with more options for our users, eventually offering any bet, from e-gaming to elections, as long as it’s matched by another user.”

Additionally, you can speculate on the value of the CHIPZ token while you bet on the games. So, while your bet is live, you can also be accruing value through an increase in price of the CHIPZ token. Additionally, the platform currently offers 15% APY staking rewards while the bet is going on.

Want to run your own sportsbook? Unlike other sportsbooks that charge you $5/week, at best, to do your own bookmaking. Chipz will act as a hosting platform, offering users deals as low as $60 for the whole year (no limits).

With Chipz hitting an all time high of .30 without the platform live, there are many reasons to be excited for the project and token. Chipz is going to be synonymous with betting and crypto for years to come and the possibilities are endless.

Bag up your Chipz and get ready to watch the NFL this weekend! Check out their Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels and join the CHIPZ community, or website

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