GamesOnChain Launches dApp, Using Metaskins’ Blockchain-Based Games and Immersive 3D Experiences as Part of First-in-Market Platform


New blockchain and wager-based games on the GamesonChain dApp platform showcase the evolution in gaming for streamlined gameplay and improved user experience

Metaskins, a fully customizable, one-stop-shop for any and all metaverse or NFT needs, announced today, January 18th, the launch of their blockchain- and wager-based games in GamesonChain’s new dApp platform. This revolutionary, unique 3D experience represents the future of blockchain-based gaming, which provides fair, wager-based games where users are able to easily connect their crypto wallet and instantly play a variety of chance and skill games, including CoinFlip, War, Roulette, and others.

Through the use of Metaskin’s custom-built metaverse games and activities, a larger problem in the industry has been addressed. Metaskins customized each game in the dApp platform to reduce pain points, specifically in regards to efficiency and speed for users. The company has built a custom VRF (verifiable random function) which expedites the speed of on-chain transactions, eliminating obstacles to immersive experiences for gamers and users.

“Our newly launched games within (with new operator) GamesonChain’s dApp platform will showcase the differences in gameplay, as compared to what’s currently available in the market right now,” said David Cummings, CEO and Co-Founder, Metaskins. “We’re thrilled to present unique gaming experiences that anyone can easily use and understand, and in which operators will find value. I’m excited to see what’s to come in this rapidly growing sector of on-chain and wager-based games.”

In addition, the innovative, unique games Metaskins built for the dApp platform combines the company’s extensive experience in Web3 and 3D modeling, animation and game development, and the most valuable components of blockchain gaming. Metaskins built and developed animations, 3D assets and smart contracts for the dApp, and is intending to build these kinds of games quickly and have them running for operators in all industries. As value in Web3 platforms continues to increase, Metaskins allows users to utilize NFTs for proof or access to games, rewards and social elements, which supports an easy and immersive gaming experience.

This announcement was preceded by recent Web3 partnerships between Metaskins and numerous cultural figures and brands, including Soulja Boy, LimeWire, Serena Elis, and SFLMaven. Metaskins also recently built and hosted the first on-chain blackjack game in Decentraland, and launched their Holy Temple Casino, home to unique entertainment, games and events, as the company continues to create innovative, custom 3D metaverse worlds for companies across industries.

For more information please visit the Metaskins homepage.


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