Popular Memecoin $DOGE Gets Chained with Dogechain




Joke memecoin $DOGE gets added utility with Dogechain, enabling developers to create dApps utilizing the popular cryptocurrency.

Founded nine years ago by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin enables peer-to-peer payments on a decentralized network, but aside from usage as payments for buying, selling, tipping and crowdsourced fundraising, there hasn’t been much to do with it in the web3 ecosystem. Now, Dogechain (DC) enables developers to create web3 applications incorporating the Dogecoin cryptocurrency into Doge themed projects like NFTs, games, DeFi, and more.

Roc Zacharias, CEO at Lunar Digital Assets and Co-Founder of QuickSwap, supports Dogechain as an opportunity to give Dogecoin wallet holders viable use cases to increase the cryptocurrency’s circulation and adoption. Zacharias dropped by The Bad Crypto Podcast for an interview in Episode #638 to explore the Dogechain ecosystem with co-hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright.

Zacharias explains Dogechain is not an official Dogecoin project. Dogechain is a bridge built on Polygon Edge, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning it can run apps and games built for Ethereum. As a bridge, Dogecoin users can wrap their DOGE for wDOGE proof of stake tokens and gain access to DeFi, NFTs, gas fee payments, participation in DAOs and more.

Projects wanting to build and launch on Dogechain can apply for grants to build on top of the new chain. The criteria for receiving a grant, ecosystem support, or co-marketing, include, “What are you doing to grow the use of DOGE? Is it fun?”

Dogecoin is beloved by many global influencers, but most notably is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter. Musk’s recent purchase of Twitter has the Dogecoin and cryptocurrency community speculating if Musk plans to integrate $DOGE into a rumored web3 cryptocurrency wallet on the social media platform. The completion of the Twitter purchase is also expected to bring corporate layoffs and broad reform to the platform with ideas around making it more decentralized and the town square forum for free, uncensored speech.

All this news and speculation is attributed to the Dogecoin price rally in recent days; up 9.5% in the last 24 hours at time of writing.

Dogechain offers a scalability solution to the popular Shiba Inu inspired DOGE cryptocurrency with reduced energy resources required to operate dApps and fuel transactions. With more airdrops of the $DC governance token to come and promises of fun, Dogechain is open for memecoin collectors to engage in new utility features like NFTs, DeFi, games and community governance to determine next projects and releases to benefit the DOGE ecosystem.

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