Marlin Announces Strategic Partnership with Murmur and WandX


Dubai, UAE — Nov. 30th, 2018 — Today, Marlin announced the first of many strategic partnerships that showcase its novel scaling solution for blockchain projects. The first publicly announced is with two world leaders in blockchain application, Murmur, the micro-blogging platform, and WandX, the decentralized trading platform for crypto token holders, utilizing a unique ‘basket trade’ feature.

Abhinav Ramesh, CEO and visionary blockchain entrepreneur leading both projects said of the partnership: “We are glad to be working with the highly experienced Marlin team.”

Marlin CMO Dean Pappas confirmed his own enthusiasm for the synergy of Murmur and WandX enabled by the Marlin protocol:“These are the kind of partnerships that help show the vast application and use cases that the Marlin Protocol is offering. When we discussed this with Abhinav, we found that there was a need for scalability at the network layer for both of these projects.” Abhinav explained how his new social network would benefit from utilizing the Marlin Protocol:

“At Murmur, we’re building a new incentivized social network with users not having to trust a central party with their data. Speed and scalability are paramount to any social network, and we’re glad to partner with Marlin to help us with both.”

Abhinav continued to expound on how WandX, the decentralized exchange for crypto holdings would be enhanced by working with Marlin:

“At WandX, this will enable signed transaction hashes to reach the blockchain faster, and hence potentially faster order display and order confirmation times”

Marlin’s Chief Architect Roshan Raghupathy was equally enthusiastic about the partnerships with these 2 innovative projects. He added:  

“We look forward to exploring efficient data, content and notification delivery mechanisms to support a scalable social networking platform that respects the user’s privacy. (With WandX) We see potential collaboration opportunities in the form of order relay networks, off-chain capabilities, and private side chains to enable a high-performance trading ecosystem.”

About Marlin

Marlin is a high availability and reliability network made possible with the creation of its versatile bandwidth sharing marketplace, built by its users, enabling blockchains to achieve 500x higher throughput and sub 100ms latency while maintaining provable anonymity.

About Murmur

Murmur is a micro-blogging platform that gives users the ability to share freely, control their data, trace the origins of any story to help prevent fake news and receive content rewards.

About WandX

Founded in 2017, WandX is a protocol for ‘basket trade’ and a decentralized trading platform for crypto token holders. A one-stop, simple and smart digital asset management ecosystem that helps crypto asset holders manage their risk better, without fear or hype.


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