Loyalty Live Blockchain Conference Coming to Chicago

Loyalty Live Core Focus

Untraceable Inc. has organized another conference, dubbed Loyalty Live. The company’s past events include Polycon, CryptoChicks, Blockchain Futurist, and ETHWaterloo. Untraceable describes Loyalty Live as “the first conference in the world with the sole focus of bridging the gap between the world of loyalty rewards with the world of blockchain technology.”

The conference aims to showcase the technological advancements behind blockchain products. Additionally, the talented teams behind the products will be showcased.

Loyalty Live conference is taking place in Chicago from October 16-18, 2018.
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Image Credit: Untraceable Inc.

The conference will bring together key players in the industry to speak on innovations in blockchain. Untracable’s goal is to create events for “companies to showcase their businesses, raise capital, make meaningful connections, and experience the next technological revolution.”

Conference Structure

Different topics will be covered by well-known speakers. Some of the confirmed speakers include Peter Nadami (Senior Counsel of McDonald’s Corporation), Al Burgio (DigitalBits founder), and Julie Lyle (Walmart’s former CMO). The topics covered will include tracking systems, fraud elimination, and lowering transaction fees, among others.

The conference also features a boot camp for all beginners in the crypto space, teaching and refreshing the basics of blockchain technology. This presents a golden opportunity for beginners to learn from trained professionals and experts on the essentials of the industry.

The conference will be held at JW Marriott Chicago from October 16th to October 18th, 2018 at a cost of US$400, going up to $500 on September 14th.

Tickets and other information can be found at the conference’s website.

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