Living decentralized (or the life of a crypto nomad)


More and more people are living decentralized then every before. But unlike digital nomads, Crypto Nomads are living a much better lifestyle then digital gypsy’s of the past.

The Crypto Nomad

The crypto nomad doesn’t own many things. He may have millions in the bank. He may have millions in digital assets. He may or may not have a steady paycheck every month for consulting. But what he surely does have is a network of friends with lots of money who can help him if he’s not there yet.

A crypto nomads network of friends provides them with the opportunity to go on adventures around the world with a group of people who have forgotten how lucky they are to live this life. Whether for a crypto conference in Dubai or to visit a friends resort in Koh Phenganon, the new crypto rich have lots of places to congregate. The world is literally their oyster, with large scale crypto events happening every other week in locations all around the world.

With so much to do the crypto nomad lives on the road and does it in a lucurious fashion. He is not a backpacker, he is a tech veteren that lives location agnostically.

Where do you live: Seat 1a

Many crypto nomads fly first class. Many have found ways to hack the travel game by buying discounted first class tickets through programs like IFlyFirstclass, which sells tickets for up to 70% off. For $1500 you can fly almost anywhere in the world in style and book it last minute. This combination of thriftiness and flexibility are two of the cultural pillars that crypto nomads live by. Add in luxury and o baby, you’re speaking the crypto nomad language!

But living the millennial dream life isn’t without its own set of challenges.

Living in such a carefree lifestyle has caused many people in the industry to loose their productivity. As an executive told me last week, “It’s hard. It’s really hard. Everyone glamourizes it but it’s very hard on you once you do it.”

A balanced lifestyle

The hardest part of living the life of a crypto nomad is figuring out how to do it responsibly. How to balance work and life with a free-spirit. How to find time to manage responsibilities, sleep, parties, friends and the endless “fomo” of events around the world. There is no greater challenge to the crypto nomad then figuring out how to live a balanced lifestyle.

On top of managing a healthy life/work balance, the crypto nomad also has to manage their relationships. It’s hard to find love and grow when you’re on the road so much. More often then not, those that nomads fall in love with are not around them often.

Hacks for productivity

Most nomads will need to learn a few productivity hacks to successfully live the life they want and accomplish their goals. These differ for everyone, but essentially a crypto nomad needs to learn to understand what they need to be in a productive setting, to have adequate sleep, and how much time to put into their social media or personal brand. Most crypto nomads are a combination of investors, entrepreneurs, developer, and influencers, all of which come with their own arrangement of challenges and perks. Most crypto nomads would fair better if they had an EA to help them with travel, research, and managing online profiles, but few if any do and thus, they end up never seeming to truly have enough time to do all the things they need to and have the time to fully explore the beautiful places they’re in.

The Growing Crypto Nomad Community

In 2019, there are now 1,000’s of crypto nomads, exploding the world and living the millennial lifestyle dream. Some crypto exchanges like Kraken have 600 remote workers alone. The crypt community has gone through booms and busts, but continues to grow stronger and stronger each year. Crypto nomads are here to stay and the crypto nomad lifestyle is just getting started.

With places like the crypto castle (SF and Miami) and Utopia (Koh Phengnon), nomads are finding more and more homes to share across the world. As those inside of it know, crypto is not just an industry, it’s a community first and foremost. A place where everyone takes care of their people. And a place where everyone is in it together.


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