Liti Capital Announces Identifying Information of Their First Crypto Con Artist


Geneva, Switzerland – June 29, 2021 Liti Capital SA, a Swiss Litigation Finance company, has just found and identified the perpetrator of a cryptocurrency scam. This comes days after their commitment to push back against fraud in the crypto community and help create a safe atmosphere for innovation and investment moving forward. By tokenizing their equity, Liti Capital introduces litigation finance to the blockchain, providing retail investors with a new asset class and giving them the opportunity to fight back against crypto criminals. 

Joel “Coach K” Kovshoff, a popular cryptocurrency influencer, was recently the victim of an elaborate con, resulting in the loss of $250,000 for himself and his investors. This is a common story in the crypto community, and the victims are rare to voice their misfortunes, particularly if they live in the public eye and their income is contingent on their reputations. As one of the few public figures to announce this potentially embarrassing story, he was able to catch the attention of Liti Capital through their mutual contact, Kurt Ivy at Splyt. 

The con artist used a unique tactic: he created a fake identity, complete with documentation, did extensive research on “Coach K,” and found him in public to slowly befriend him over time. This is how he was able to gain trust and eventually walk away with the money. He directed Joel to JD Capital, with whom Joel has worked with before, about a fund of CertiK he could purchase. After some more convincing, Joel paid the cost of the CertiK and waited for a response that did not come. However, the con artist may not have been as sophisticated as it seems. 

“These guys are acting with complete impunity,” David Kay, international litigator and CIO of Liti Capital said, “They’re so sure they won’t get caught that they don’t even cover their tracks. They don’t think anyone’s coming. Well, we’re coming.” Joel Kovshoff had given the con artist a chance to return the money, plus interest, before taking legal action. Liti Capital is on standby with a powerful team that has seen worldwide success. 

“The same tools we deploy to investigate international cases are the ones we will use to identify and pursue crypto scammers,” Jonas Rey, Co-Founder and Managing Director said, “My team of investigators and intelligence officers have found the con artist in question, his personal information, where the money is, and have engaged with counsel and security at his location. We will give him the weekend to reach out to us.”

Liti Capital launched the LITI token yesterday, Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 11:59 PM EDT, and the wLITI on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT. The LITI token will be available for purchase on their website after passing KYC requirements. The wLITI will be available to trade for on Uniswap.

About Liti Capital

Liti Capital is a Swiss Limited Liability Co specializing in Litigation Finance and FinTech based out of Switzerland. Liti Capital buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and provide a complete strategic solution along with connections with the best law firm to help its client win the case. Tokenized shares of the company lower the barrier of entry for retail investors, give token holders a vote in the decision-making process, and distribute dividends to token holders upon the success of the plaintiff. Co-Founder Jonas Rey heads one of the most successful intelligence agencies in Switzerland, Athena Intelligence. His two co-founders, Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado bring operational, innovation and technical skills together to round out the leadership team. David Kay, CIO, ran a billion-dollar NYC private equity litigation finance firm before joining Liti Capital.


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