Linux Foundation Offering Blockchain Business Courses

Linux Foundation Offering Courses through edX

A small series of courses from the Linux Foundation on Blockchain for Business aims to demystify the fundamentals of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. It also teaches businesspeople practical applications of blockchain and how they might use it in their own field.

Hyperledger is promoting and incubating enterprise grade software, where anyone can set up apps that meet cross-industry needs. Businesses today are utilizing blockchain technologies to solve problems as well as increase efficiency. This aids in solving business problems such as security, data privacy, information sharing, and inclusion.

Linux training can happen in a classroom like this one.
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Image Credit: Antonio Chaves / Wikimedia Commons

The syllabus includes topics such as technology basics, the impact of blockchain, Hyperledger projects, and working with both Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric. The introductory courses are “carefully curated for both technical and non-technical audiences.”

Learning from Experts

The Linux Foundation states that, “skills in blockchain are being reported as the top job-skill in demand,” making their courses a great place to start for business people looking to expand their training.

The course instructors include six Linux Foundation experts: Robert Schwentker (President of DLT.Education), Alexandra Groetsema (Developer & Project Manager at DLT.Education), Navroop Sahdev (Fintech and Blockchain Entrepreneur), Arianna Groetsema (Developer at DLT.Education) and Nathalie Salami (Blockchain Attorney – Fintech Portfolio)

Linux Foundation is uniquely positioned to deliver the highest quality training on various cutting edge technologies like Blockchain and Kubernetes fundamentals. It also hosts 100+ open source projects. Additionally, students learning directly from the Linux Foundation will get a free Chromebook to help them achieve the most out of their training experiences.

Linux’s hands-on certifications are the one of the best ways to showcase skill sets to prospective employers in the crypto-sphere. More information and registration details can be found at the organization’s website or through edX.

Grace Muthoni
Grace Muthoni
Grace Muthoni is a Staff Writer for Block Telegraph. She is a Crypto Enthusiast and covers topics relating to the digital currencies and the Blockchain. She studied Economics and is well vested with numbers, statistical analysis, data presentation and quality content writing.

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