LINQTO Will Hold Its Upcoming Global Investor Conference for Financial Sector Leaders


LINQTO, a leading digital investment platform for private market securities, will hold its upcoming Global Investor Conference (GIC) for accredited investors and leaders in the financial sector.

The company’s March GIC takes place on Tuesday, March 9 and will run from 10:15 AM to 5:00 PM PST; for those attending from Australia or other Asia-Pacific regions, this will be on Wednesday, March 10 from 5:15 AM to 12:30 PM AEST. 

Learn about LINQTO

To understand the full meaning behind the conference, it’ll be best to understand how LINQTO works.

LINQTO was founded in 2010 by Bill and Vicki Sarris and currently serves as the leading digital platform for private market securities. Through the platform, accredited investors can identify, evaluate, invest in and trade securities in the world’s leading private companies. Additionally, LINQTO allows founders, venture capital investors, and employees to easily obtain liquidity without having to wait for an IPO, acquisition, or other liquidity event. Essentially, the company makes investing in private markets as easy as investing in public markets.

Along with liquidity, LINQTO also grants investors security and mobility. The company provides users with a Global Investor ID, which lets them maintain an immutable, decentralized identity that they can reuse each time they make a trade. Through its advanced patented mobile platform, the company also enables trading from any location, at any time. As an example, it could be the wee hours of the morning in New York City, or late at night in Seoul, and accredited investor user can still transact with the platform from wherever they’re located.

Just last year, LINQTO announced affordable and accessible investing in unicorns through its platform; unicorns are startups that reached a specific number and are now worth $1 Billion. Three such companies listed on Linqto, have since announced their IPO position; Coinbase, SoFi, and most recently, Marqueta.

What are these Global Investor Conferences?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LINQTO started its Global Investor Conferences as a way to bring the investing community together to discuss and take part in educational opportunities surrounding emerging trends and opportunities, all while staying safe at home.

Some of its past themes involved investing during the time of the pandemic and women-owned businesses that thrived throughout it. Last December’s conference, for instance, surrounded itself on “Reflection, Learning, & Inspiration for 2021.”

If you’re wondering how well-attended the GICs have been over the last year, the December conference had over 800 people register for the event.

What will this upcoming conference bring?

LINQTO’s March GIC includes a full schedule of 12 panels over the course of seven hours; this specific conference is designed for those who are interested in the future of innovative pre-IPO unicorns, understanding digital assets & disruptive blockchain technologies.

It will discuss the industry’s current global securities markets and trends and feature some of the brightest minds in the digital and investment space. These experts will cover everything from the aforementioned blockchain technology to cryptocurrency; they will also give advice and strategies to those raring to learn about investments and information based on new technology trends through fireside chats and panels.

These specific chats and panels include discussions such as The Difference Between Traditional Venture Capital Investing and Crypto Venture Capital Investing, Global Investment Trends for New Unicorns, Globalization of Entrepreneurship, Gaming Unicorns of the Future, and several more.

Said investment experts also include over 30 speakers who will join in the discussions, including company CEO Bill Sarris, Global ID CEO Greg Kidd, Draper Associates founder Tim Draper, and Blockchain Capital Senior Associate Kinjal Shah.

One of the best parts about the conference—as well as every one of LINQTO’s Global Investor Conferences—is that it’s completely free for LINQTO users and accredited investors; anyone who wants to learn about emerging trends in private investing can join. The conference will take place over the Zoom platform, allowing attendees to connect as they are available.

By creating the Global Investor Conferences, LINQTO has aided in the initiation of conversations in the world of investing, allowing leaders and prospective investors to connect while the pandemic is still ongoing.If you’re interested in attending, there’s still time to register for the event. Click here to find out more about the GIC and to register. But if you cannot attend or will miss one of the sessions, don’t worry! LINQTO plans to upload all sessions to its YouTube channel, and has recordings from past events on there as well.


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