Linqto’s Reshaped Brand and Pioneering Approach to Private Equity

Linqto private equity

In an exciting development set to revolutionize the private equity sphere, Linqto, a renowned global fintech investment platform, has taken a bold step forward, reshaping its brand identity to align more closely with its noble mission – the democratization of private equity investments.

For the uninitiated, the world of private equity can often feel like an exclusive club, its gates closed to all but the most influential institutions and individuals with deep pockets. However, a change is upon us, driven by Linqto’s clear and profound vision. The company is set on a course to open the private equity world to all accredited investors, thus allowing everyone to share in the successes of the world’s leading unicorns.

This transition is not merely cosmetic. It marks a paradigm shift, a change in the company’s very DNA, to better serve a global audience. And what’s a transformation without innovation? Alongside its rebranding, Linqto has also unveiled a groundbreaking feature – the ability to offer true liquidity.

Liquidity, the ability to quickly buy and sell assets without impacting their price, has long been the Achilles’ heel of private market investing. With many companies choosing to stay private longer, liquidity events have been delayed, trapping potential returns. Linqto’s true liquidity feature offers a significant leap forward, enabling accredited investors to trade holdings of private company units in real time. In doing so, Linqto unshackles the value held within these investments and creates new opportunities for stakeholders to monetize their assets.

However, Linqto’s revolution doesn’t stop at rebranding and a novel feature. Their innovative approach has been rewarded with remarkable success. The platform boasts of facilitating a staggering $239M in investments across nearly 50 diverse portfolio companies. This isn’t merely a financial feat but an indication of the significant strides Linqto has made in democratizing private market investing.

The winds of change that Linqto has set in motion have resonated globally. The platform is proud to host a community of more than 178,000 members hailing from over 110 countries, a testament to its universal appeal and commitment to inclusivity.

Linqto provides a platform that allows accredited investors not just to identify and evaluate investment opportunities in unicorns and private companies but also to ensure liquidity in these investments. The platform’s reach extends across various promising sectors, including fintech, AI, health tech, sustainable materials, and digital assets, reflecting the breadth of opportunities it offers to its global investor base.

Linqto is challenging the status quo, shaping a new era where private equity investments are accessible, affordable, and liquid. By infusing its brand with this mission and providing the tool of true liquidity, it is fueling a transformative wave in the world of private equity. This stride not only marks a milestone for Linqto but also for the democratization of private equity, bridging the gap between accredited investors and lucrative investment opportunities that were once beyond their reach.


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