Linqto Brings New Mobile App to Close the Gap between Wall Street and Main Street for Budding Investors


Didn’t think you could invest in today’s unicorn startups valued at a billion dollars or more? Think again. Linqto, the mobile-application company that was co-founded by Bill Sarris and Vicki Sarris have created a new mobile platform. Now, it plans to launch its app for all investors.

The company’s advanced-mobile platform creates liquidity for founders, long-term employees, and early investors in the private sector. The app makes private investing a simple activity by creating a space for accredited Investors, thereby democratizing it.

By democratizing investing, it offers new investors with minimal experience to begin investing, even if there isn’t a lot of capital to begin. It also offers invaluable tools for new investors, so they can better understand the right investments. The accessible app opens investing to Main Street investors. 

With more people getting interested in investing, having a user-friendly platform that lines it all out for you is integral. Otherwise, you’re swimming in a sea of information you might not understand.

Linqto offers a user-friendly experience, and even if one doesn’t know the first thing about investing in Unicorns, they can begin investing with its new startup app.

Through their directory, new investors can evaluate, look through, and invest in the leading “unicorns” which include Ripple, Marqueta, Uphold, and many other top names. 

Since the global market doesn’t sleep, investors can invest at any time, any place 24/7, allowing for accredited investors worldwide to take advantage.

Linqto’s CEO Bill Sarris says “Our vision is for Linqto to become the global leader in private market liquidity allowing access to accredited investors worldwide.” They are well on their way to becoming the global leader in mobile investing, especially against big-time competitors. 

Along with Sarris at the helm, Ivon Rodriguez, the Chief Marketing Officer with over 20 years’ experience, joins this growing FinTech firm. Bill Sarris brought her on in the spring of 2020, and since then, she’s moved from The 360 Group to Linqto. She was consulting clients in tech and digitatzation prior to joining, and now, with her invaluable experience working in multiple sectors, has joined their team to help grow this FinTech company.

Their goal is to democratize the private investment space, and many customers are already appreciative of the community Linqto has offered them, and the support gathered. If there is something not understood, Linqto helps them better understand through explanation in order to demystify investing. It evens the playing field and removes the stigma that Wall Street investments have.

With the growing trends in digital assets, AI, and automaton, many are turning to the internet for the best resources out there. In the realm of investing, it’s hard to find trustworthy information that benefits the common people. It also is a challenge for most people to find information that isn’t written in complicated jargon that is very complex to understand.

But Linqto offers trustworthy education and even explanations on how each transaction works. They go through the step-by-step process of Unicorn investing, so by the end of it, people know where they’re investing, and are offered the opportunity to invest on the same level as Wall Street bigwigs. 

“People love it when they receive sincere, personal service and our members appreciate the Linqto community and the learning opportunity so that they are able to make the most optimal

decisions with their money. I find that there is something really invigorating with what we’re

doing at Linqto,” said Rodriguez. Rodriguez added: “I would love more people to know about our

offerings and platform and remove the fear factor from investing in pre-IPO companies for all

traditional and non-traditional investors alike.”

Linqto is a reliable means to better understand the world of finance and investing. What used to be a Wall Street game is now available to all accredited investors alike, and for those looking to start with unicorn investments, Linqto is one way to begin.

Linqto is best as a mobile application. Currently, it’s available on the PlayStore for Android and the iOS App store.


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