LifestyleDAO Disrupts the Luxury Concierge Market

If you’re familiar with the world of luxury concierge services – companies that can make any last minute wish a reality, from Taylor Swift concert tickets to a reservation at Carbone or an exclusive adventure to the Costa Rica rainforest – then you know that to perform that magic they charge a hefty yearly membership, booking fees, and, of course, the cost of the experience itself. It’s a big commitment moneywise, but that’s how it’s always been done, until now.

LifestyleDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a South Florida-based Web3 company founded by brothers Blake and Alexander Baron. A DAO is a community-led organization that is completely transparent, and governed entirely by the individual members who then vote on future initiatives, partnerships, and other curated criteria. DAOs are built on the blockchain and utilize smart contracts in order to stay transparent and avoid fraudulent activity.

As the name suggests, LifestyleDAO will offer the ultimate in luxury lifestyle access – from hard-to-get dinner reservations, hotel and resort stays, to exclusive experiences and bespoke activations created by LifestyleDAO itself.

The company, which was founded in August 2021, has released its first phase of membership. The first mint, which includes 200 membership access tokens.

Each NFT will serve as a “membership card” which will give access to member-only experiences, often not available to the public, at a discounted price. LifestyleDAO members will join a community of high-net-worth individuals including athletes, celebrities, influencers, business owners, global managers, and more.

LifestyleDAO’s yearly membership of $5,555 is significantly less expensive than comparable luxury concierge services. Other companies of the same caliber and in the same space charge upwards of $7,500 annually.

LifestyleDAO has partnered with existing global leaders in luxury concierge services such as British global luxury service provider Quintessentially and Select Card. Through these partnerships, from day one, members of LifestyleDAO will get access to experiences in more than 44 countries around the world.

The Barons have previously spent years working with blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs before deciding to include those systems into the fabric of LifestyleDAO. While originally from New York, the brothers moved to Boca Raton to start the business, because of the recent mass migration of those in blockchain and NFTs to Miami. The Barons believe there will be a large benefit from the expanded South Florida network and the opportunities it can bring.

The company just went through a 35 day beta test and has been completely bootstrapped by the founding brothers to date. LifestyleDAO’s mission is to build a conglomerate of world-class brands that come together in the planning and organization of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Most important to LifestyleDAO’s team is the consistent addition of utility/access for members, and the connection and inspiration that comes from bringing communities together.

Being able to offer utility from day one – something that’s not that common in the space – will enable the company to expand at a rapid pace. The ability to grow quickly, the transparency offered by the DAO, and the involvement of its members in making decisions puts LifestyleDAO at the forefront of the luxury concierge industry.

Membership is now available.

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