Kyro Digital and Kadena Enter Into Strategic Partnership to Support and Accelerate Builders

The First Native Web3 Building Platform, That Powers The Next Generation of Crypto Marketplace Applications, Will Natively Integrate Kadena Into Its Platform

Web3 Building platform, Kyro Digital, and Kadena, the next-generation scalable proof-of-work public blockchain, today announced a strategic partnership that will see Kadena and its new NFT standard and tooling platform, Marmalade, integrated into Kyro’s platform. This partnership will ultimately help to accelerate, supercharge and empower developers, builders and IP owners to more easily create new types of marketplaces and digital economies from within Kyro. Kyro is backed by Kadena Eco’s venture capital fund, among others.

The two partners share aligned missions to deliver the critical features that allow builders to deliver Web3 innovation and fundamentals with Web2 usability. As more developers enter the Web3 and crypto space, Kyro is abstracting much of the technical barriers of blockchains through its extendible platform, which also offers utilities applications for all crypto assets.

“We noticed Kadena’s rapid initial market adoption among talented developers and other community members and recognized the growing importance in our mutual ecosystems. We want Kyro to be the place customers can focus on building innovative Web3 projects without today’s technological complexities,” said Peter Leeb, co-founder and CRO of Kyro Digital.

“Many pioneers from the Kadena community already recognize the advantage of building on Kadena. Partnering with Kyro validates our ability to attract top-tier builders and will help provide additional tools to our community to support global adoption leveraging Kyro’s robust and customer-friendly platform,” said Francesco Melpignano, CEO of Kadena Eco, an innovation network that brings together top industry thinkers, tech talent and funding to fuel Kadena’s ecosystem growth.

By building native integrations for the largest blockchains including Kyro investors –  Avalanche, Polygon, Rally, Texas and partners including Flow – Kyro is building a new category of services that transforms crypto adoption. They provide a simple and easy way for chains and partners to re-think about the next generation of NFT, Coin, and Token offerings with unique storefront applications.

More information is available here.

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