Korby Hayre of House of Block and Jillian Godsil of Blockleaders shake hands on a strategic partnership


House of Block is set to partner with Jillian Godsil of Block Leaders by linking Events & PR to bring clients tailored events and outstanding results. The partnership will be commemorated with the launch of  a high end networking event; Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party, on 23 June 2023 at the Hurlingham Club, London. 

The summer networking event presents a perfect opportunity to catch up with peers and forge new business alliances. The party, which commemorates the partnership between HoB and Blockleaders, deliver with an unforgettable experience as attendees hear the latest news in the industry followed by refreshing cocktails and a delicious grill, all to be enjoyed with the beautiful scenery of the Hurlingham Club as a backdrop.

“Collaboration is the driving force behind every successful partnership. When two entities with different yet complementary strengths come together, they can achieve something truly remarkable. Our partnership with Jillian Godsil of Blockleaders is a testament to this notion. By combining the creativity and ingenuity of event management with the messaging and brand positioning prowess of the media consultancy, we can deliver an unparalleled value proposition to our clients,” Hayre, the founder of HoB said. 

Godsil of Blockleaders is a veteran and award-winning journalist with a penchant for interviewing leaders in the web3 space. While Korby Hayre has a proven track record of launching events and developing existing shows.  The collaboration will enable HoB and Blockleaders to provide context, depth, and understanding of the principals working in Web3. 

As companies and individuals are looking to sponsor events, there is an opportunity for in-depth interviews of the leaders to be developed in advance. 

Godsil specialises in founder and leader interviews. “I really enjoy finding out what makes people tick, why their project is important and how they hope to change the world. This sector is dynamic and exciting and so are the founders leading the charge,” says Godsil.

“House of Block is dedicated to creating a platform for individuals to get together and develop connections within the Web3, blockchain, and crypto communities.” said Korby Hayre, the founder of HoB. She believes that an active community is paramount for Web3, and blockchain industries to succeed and foster innovation.

House of Block— HoB — founded by Korby is a Web3 and crypto event management agency with a proven track record of organizing end-to-end events and connecting experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the space. The platform hosts an invite-only global networking community of 400 members from several facets of the Blockchain industry. 

Blockleaders was formed in 2018 to provide news and interviews on the main players in the Web3 sector. Godsil also chairs and speaks at conferences globally and is joined by journalist Lisa Gibbons whose main interests are sustainability, ReFi and green blockchains.


To learn more about this exclusive event :  Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party at Hurlingham Club, London, on the 23rd of June 2023. Call +44 7764 428 728, or email korby@houseofblock.co.uk. 

Sponsors invited, tickets go on sale next week with only 200 tickets, Contact: 

korby@houseofblock.co.uk to hold a place.


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