Kinit App Outpaces Ethereum Users on iOS, Android

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One small step for Kin

Kin recently released their Kinit application for the iOS App Store. This is a big step forward for Kin, the cryptocurrency created for consumer apps, as it is the first app dedicated to the cryptocurrency that is publicly available. The release is also a step toward the lofty, ambitious, and future-flung goal of making Kin the most-used cryptocurrency worldwide since Apple users are now able to earn and spend it.

The release of the Kinit app for iOS follows in the footsteps of last month’s release of the application in the Google Play store for Android users. Since the launch, more than 15,000 people have downloaded the Android app. There are about 7,700 active users on all dApps on the Ethereum blockchain, but the Kinit Android app already has more than 8,600 active users. Since that number only applies to Android users, the release of the iOS application should lead to an increase, but it’s already an impressive feat that more people use Kin daily than the number of users on all Ethereum dApps combined, and that’s without integrating Kin into the Kik messenger application.

Why it matters

The launch of the Kinit application for the Apple App Store marks the first time that iPhone users can experience Kin. With this new application, those users can earn and then spend cryptocurrency right in the iOS app natively. The release will let Kinit gain insights from those who have iOS devices and transact with Kin for the first time, possibly including the first interactions with cryptocurrency in general. These insights will lead to improved information for the team, helping guide the launch of Kin in the apps of ecosystem partners for both Android and iOS devices.

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The Kinit app is now available on the iOS App Store. Image credit: pixabay.

Using the Application

Using Kinit on iOS devices gives users a lightweight and simple experience that includes key basic features. Users download the application and then are prompted to set up a Kin wallet, which only takes a few steps. From there, the first earning experience for Kin is to complete a survey. Users then complete polls and quizzes to earn more Kin. Swarovski and Red Bull sponsor some of those polls and quizzes thanks to the project’s partner, Swelly, the polling chatbot.

Once users have accumulated Kin, they can visit the Kin Marketplace where they can spend the cryptocurrency on gift cards from retailers and brands, including Amazon, Google Play, and AMC Theaters.

Future plans

This is not the only recent major news from the Kin Ecosystem Foundation. Back in August 2018, it announced that the cryptocurrency developer program reached 40 consumer apps. These 40 applications have received a total of $3 million divided among them. The projects include innovations in a range of industries, such as health, news, gaming, and entertainment. There are more than 200 developers involved in these projects, with the participating teams originating from more than 38 countries. The virtual demo day for these projects was held on October 2nd, 2018. Approved applications will get a Kin blockchain launch, plus a financial incentive, in both fiat and Kin.

It may be a long time before Kin is the world’s #1 cryptocurrency, but it’s making progress, one small step at a time.


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