Kingdomverse Partners with YGG Japan to Enter The Japanese Mobile Game Market

Kingdomverse, the first Metaverse to combine a 3D world with casual mobile games for Web 3 communities to interact, battle and play, is honored to announce a partnership with YGG Japan, a Blockchain Game Platformer, which aims to elevate blockchain games by providing accessible content and tools for gamers in Japan.

Kingdomverse’s first mobile game, Defend the Kingdom (DTK), is a tower defense game that attracted the participation of a significant number of Japanese players to its recently completed Alpha tournaments. With the shared aim of bringing Web3 mobile games to Japan, both Kingdomverse and YGG Japan aspire to lead players into the world of “Play and Earn”/ “Play to Own”.

“YGG Japan is the partner you want when you aim to enter the Japanese gaming market. Web 3 gaming is still in its early stages in Japan,” said Terence Chow, CEO of Kingdomverse. “We just held a tournament with our first mobile game, Defend the Kingdom (DTK), and it ended on a high note. A majority of tournament participants were actually coming from Japan. Therefore, partnering with YGG Japan enables us to expand the Web 3 mobile game market in Japan.”

Gaming is big in Japan. The mobile games segment in Japan is expected to grow rapidly. The penetration rate of game users in Japan stands at 52 percent, with the largest segment being mobile gameusers at 41 percent, according to a recent report by GMO Research. Mobile gaming revenue in Japan reached $13.4B in 2021. After 2022, the Japanese game market is expected to grow 11-14% per year until 2030.

Co-founder of YGG Japan Tetsuya Fujiwara commented, “A high-quality killer content is needed to boost Japan’s web3 game market. We believe that Kingdomverse’s titles will attract Japanese users to web3 games and create a large fan base. We will continue to expand the Japanese market together with Kingdomverse.”

Moving forward, YGG Japan will support Kingdomverse’s activities in Japan and attract new users. The game platform will also actively support Kingdomverse with its products in the future, including introducing DTK to different guilds. Meanwhile, Kingdomverse will tap on YGG Japan community/ follower base to increase exposure in Japan, collaborate with potential Japanese Intellectual Property (IP), and continue supporting and promoting web 3 mobile games in SEA, especially in Japan.

About Kingdomverse

Kingdomverse is the first Metaverse to combine a 3D world with casual mobile games for Web 3 communities to interact, battle and play. Introducing its very first Play-to-Earn Mobile Game, Defend the Kingdom, a fun tower defense game, which comes with 2 different modes, PVP and Co-op modes for players to select. The time has come! Let’s build up the kingdom!

Welcome to the Kingdomverse. A realm worth conquering together.

To learn more about Kingdomverse, visit:

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About YGG Japan

YGG Japan (YGGJ) aims to lead Japanese gamers beyond “Play to Earn” to a world of “Play and Earn”. YGGJ also supports Japanese game companies in launching their blockchain games to the world. Many worldwide IPs have been created in Japan so far, and many game companies are respected around the world. YGG Japan and the YGG Group support the global expansion of Japanese content.

Learn more about YGG Japan.

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