Jeff Sekinger: Crypto is About Quality, Not Quantity

Did you know there is a cryptocurrency fund outperforming bitcoin? 

There sure is and Jeff Sekinger is at the helm of Orca Capital, a cryptocurrency fund that, for now, is besting Bitcoin’s returns. 

But Sekinger is more than just the founder of Orca Capital, he’s also an entrepreneur with a very simple, yet unique, strategy.

His Beginnings

Jeff Sekinger has been in cryptocurrency since 2013, where he started investing in his early 20s. 

The young entrepreneur bought some Bitcoin, and then sold his investment, which is where his journey begins.

After completing a bachelor’s in finance, he began working in Asset Management for JP Morgan. A few years later, Sekinger decided to become independent and founded Orca Capital Fund LP. Since then, he has also founded a financial consulting company 0Percent. 

Orca Capital was founded two years ago, and since then, has become a $40 million business. Orca is currently outperforming Bitcoin by nearly 60% in the first quarter alone of 2021.

Sekinger has large goals and aspirations for the business and plans to take full advantage of the massive growth the industry is projected to have.

Jeff Sekinger’s Strategy

How does his strategy work? Both young entrepreneurs and older ones alike want to know, and Jeff is revealing his secrets. His strategy is quite simple; stay hyper focused on a dozen projects and utilize proper risk management.

Sekinger says he doesn’t invest in “risky coins,” and instead focuses on a select few projects out of the nearly 10,000+ coins that have now flooded the market. Although bitcoin is the largest holding in the fund, the fund seeks to outperform the asset class that have historically returned over 200% a year on average since inception.

The goal is to “make more prudent decisions” when it comes to deciding on what digital assets to hold in the fund.

The focused strategy seems to work, as it allows his team to do proper due diligence into the token metrics, the team, and utility of the project. To Sekinger, the team behind the project is the most important variable. 

Orca is also co-owned by Austin Barnard. With over 130 limited partners thus far, Orca has their eyes set on over 1,000 limited partners and $1 billion under management in the next 4 years.

Sekinger says cryptocurrency is a “long term strategy” and “not just a trend,” despite some older investors’ aversion to it. While crypto has been around since the late 2000s, it’s still seen as a trend in some circles, despite emerging companies taking advantage of the growing wave.

Aside from his hedge funds, Sekinger’s consulting business has begun to venture rapidly into the cryptocurrency education space by launching two digital products that have had great success in 2021.

The two digital products include a low-cost subscription that teaches the basics of where to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency to yield the highest rates and utilize the lowest fees. The second product is a consulting program for the more advanced crypto investors that want to learn how to turn crypto and trading into a full-time business

0Percent: The Sekinger Story

One part of 0Percent also tells more of Sekinger’s story, including how he overcame adversity and eventually fell into the investment world. Those who want to learn more should visit and watch the original video there.

“I have massive goals for myself to become a better person and build impactful businesses that serve others financially,” he says in the video. The video also describes Jeff’s personal principles that can help you if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur.

Those who are interested in Sekinger’s work should visit or to learn more, as well as look at his other social media content. For those who enjoy video content specifically about finance and business, check out his YouTube and Instagram.

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