Jeff Pulver Recreates the Most Game-Changing Gathering in Telecom Expands, VON: Evolution to Include Blockchain, AI and 5G

Jeff Pulver

New York, NY– Get ready for a groundbreaking experience as Jeff Pulver, the legendary entrepreneur and founder of Vonage and Free World Dialup (FWD), brings VON back to its roots on Tuesday, April 18, at City Winery, on New York City’s West Side, with the debut of VON: Evolution.

After a decade-long hiatus, Jeff has resurrected his innovative spirit with the creation of the high-touch, salon-like gathering that is designed to explore how businesses and individuals will communicate using modern-day technologies, including telecom, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the Blockchain, by providing a business-casual environment for attendees to both network and learn from the best, bringing together speakers and delegates from around the globe.

At VON: Evolution, attendees will engage in thought-provoking conversations while gaining valuable insights from industry leaders, making it an opportunity to hear from the most innovative minds and explore the latest technological advances in Pulver’s looking-forward, down-the-road style that made the original VON conferences, must-attend events.

Industries and technologies are intersecting and they will continue to at a rapid rate,” said Jeff Pulver, founder of VON and Content Curator for VON: Evolution. “By hosting VON: Evolution, the goal is to bring to light what’s really emerging, by having conversations with the actual creators who can bring greater insight and perspective, and enable others at the forefront of advancements to be engaging across the four industries, not just in their own ecosystems.”

Structured in a salon-like atmosphere, attendees will participate in conversations, experience fireside chats, and meet up with their peers. The April 18th conference will feature one on one  fireside chats on the latest technological advancements and offer attendees an opportunity ‌to look around the corner, and stay ahead of the curve, in a relaxed, discussion-driven atmosphere. 

Known best for founding VON, one of the technology world’s first and most successful high-tech conference series ever, Pulve is reigniting his passion for game-changing technologies that are within the grasp of everyone today. With VON: Evolution, attendees will gain rich insight into the near-term future surrounding cutting-edge technologies in telecom, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the Blockchain. 

Pulver, who his peers also consider to be one of the most recognized revolutionaries in the world of voice over IP (VoIP), also helped pave the way for the cutting-edge communications technologies that we take for granted today, with many being previously launched at VON conferences of the past.

Whether you’re a VoIP, AI, Telecom, 5G, or Blockchain, professional, mark your calendars for Tuesday April 18th and get your tickets, exhibitor pods, and sponsorships now. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best and be inspired by the latest advancements in the communication and technology industries.

This is an event you will want to attend!

For more information visit and to purchase tickets to VON: Evolution “The Intersection,” visit Eventbrite.

About Jeff Pulver

For those not old enough to remember, Jeff Pulver was a pioneer in the world of communications technology. An entrepreneur and early market-making innovator in the voice-over-IP (VoIP) industry, Pulver has an impressive career spanning more than 25 years, having been involved in multiple startups, and is one of the most well-known figures in the telecom and blockchain industries. 

He is recognized as a pioneer in the world of communications technology and ‌one of the most famous and renowned figures in the voice-over-IP (VoIP) and blockchain industries, having been involved in multiple startups globally.

As a speaker and thought leader, Jeff is known for his forward-looking approach and passion for technology. He continues to inspire and influence the industry, making him a sought-after speaker and a valuable asset to any organization.


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