Introducing S!NG Market: A Barrier-Free Music NFT Marketplace Featuring Aloe Blacc and ZEAL-Certified Artists Including Puscifer, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, Our Lady Peace, Nothing More, StrangeLoop Studios, and Danny Wimmer Presents


SEATTLE, WA–S!NG, a developer of tools that empower creators to instantly protect and sell their work using blockchain technology, today announced the launch of S!NG Market, a curated, music-centric digital marketplace where users can buy, sell, view and listen to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their favorite artists all in one place. For the exciting launch, S!NG Market is featuring prolific music artists such as Our Lady PeaceAloe Blacc, Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit and Puscifer (featuring Maynard James Keenan, Carina Round & Mat Mitchell), all of whom will release original content and market their NFTs on a user- and eco-friendly platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain and curated by ZEAL. For more information about S!NG Market, visit

“All a fan needs is a credit card and a love of music to hear, view and experience these digital assets from their favorite artists – and they don’t need to know anything about crypto or blockchain to do it.”Tweet this

“S!NG is dedicated to creators and now, with the launch of S!NG Market, their fans will truly own digital collectibles forever, rather than simply paying for access via a DSP,” says Geoff Osler, CEO and Co-founder of S!NG. “All a fan needs is a credit card and a love of music to hear, view and experience these digital assets from their favorite artists – and they don’t need to know anything about crypto or blockchain to do it.”

“S!NG Market was developed by creators for creators, giving us full control of our own art and empowering fans to support us – the artists – directly,” says Raine Maida, Chief Product Officer at S!NG and frontman for the multi-platinum-selling alt-rock band Our Lady Peace. “We want to mobilize artists to protect IP and the creative process every step of the way. S!NG Market gives us the superpower to connect directly with our fans – barrier-free – in a community-driven environment.”

“Telling stories through music is my passion and collaborating with Bored Ape Yacht Club member Maui Prime gives me wide latitude to take risks and explore new narratives and sounds,” said Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Aloe Blacc. “Dropping our songs on S!NG Market as digital collectibles is a powerful way to interact with my fans.”

“The most exciting thing about NFTs is the direct relationship artists can now have with their fans without a middleman,” said Clay Busch, Vice President, Shelter Music Group and Co-founder of ZEAL. “Through digital collectables, our artists can now communicate directly with their core fans; reward them, surprise them or grant them unique access at shows in a more immediate and efficient way. We are excited to have our upcoming ZEAL-curated GENESIS releases featured on S!NG Market and for our fans to start building their ZEAL Collections with debut drops from Puscifer, Nothing More, Our Lady Peace, Wes Borland, StrangeLoop Studios, Meats, Mike’s Dead, Danny Wimmer and more.”

Headed by Busch, along with Shelter Music Group President Dino Paredes and Shelter Artist Manager Jonathan King, ZEAL has already formed strategic partnerships with technology partners, management companies, live event promoters, artists and agencies.

ZEAL Certified Featured Collection Upcoming Drops on S!NG Market:

October 29 – Our Lady Peace – Stop Making Stupid People Famous (Free Drop Compliments of SiNG & ZEAL).
October 31 – Mike’s Dead Feat. Strange Loop Studios, Voodoo Brownz, Polygon & more…
November 1 through November 9 – Wes Borland x StrangeLoop Studios (Daily Drop)
November 16 – Danny Wimmer Presents x Meats – Festival Feature – Louder Than Life, Aftershock, Welcome To Rockville, Inkcarceration and more.
November 17 – Puscifer x Meats – Bullet Train To Iowa
November 18 – THE NEVERLY BOYS (Featuring Dave Sitek & Daniel Ledinsky) – Dark Side of Everything
November 19 – Nothing More

About S!NG:

S!NG is more than just a marketplace, it’s the first ecosystem where fans can create, buy, sell, organize, view, and listen to their digital collectibles all in one secure place. S!NG is inclusive, easy to use, and makes digital collectibles accessible online directly from creators to fans. S!NG was created to empower artists by removing the financial barriers around protecting their IP and to support their creative process every step of the way. S!NG is a collaboration with artists, by artist, for artists and fans. Follow S!NG on Instagram and Twitter at @sing_collective

About ZEAL:

ZEAL was formed from Shelter Music Group to guide Shelter’s roster of clients and provide a bridge between the music community and the emerging digital collectibles space. ZEAL’s goal is to guide artists and their releases through a curated experience, provide proper roadmaps to get to market, and integrate other ventures to ensure the best fan experience – all while maintaining the integrity of the artist’s overall creative vision. Follow ZEAL on Instagram and Twitter at @CollectZeal


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