IndoSec, a Cybersecurity Event, or a Nationwide Necessity?

IndoSec event

Huge-scale cybercrimes have now become just another run-of-the-mill phenomenon for Indonesia. Phishing attempts, data breaches, ransomware, malware, etc., are just to name a few that are costing organizations beyond their financials, resulting in data loss, intellectual property theft, damage to brand reputation, and a lot more. 

While Indonesia’s quest for securing its mission-critical infrastructure has started taking momentum, the country has surely recognized its silver lining in the cybercrime-ridden situation. IndoSec, the country’s most established mega-scale cybersecurity event, is coming up with its 6th annual edition on 29 – 30 August 2023 at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place.  

The event that has been the industry’s favorite for the past five consecutive years will also feature IndoSec Awards 2023 to celebrate the best cybersecurity talents from the country across numerous categories on 31 August 2023 from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Post confirming his participation as a key speaker, Muhammad Neil El Himam (Deputy for Digital Economy & Creative Product, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Republic Of Indonesia) spoke about the pivotal nature of the event, “The Indonesian government plays a pivotal role in fostering the cybersecurity sector, safeguarding digital landscapes for a resilient nation. Through proactive measures, robust policies, and collaborative initiatives, the government bolsters cyber defenses, protects critical infrastructure, and promotes cyber literacy. 

As we know, The National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) has launched a proactive initiative by establishing 121 Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSRIT) by 2024. This proactive approach has made Indonesia one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity markets in the world.

With a commitment to privacy, data protection, and law enforcement collaboration, Indonesia’s government fortifies cybersecurity resilience. By empowering research and innovation, enhancing public-private partnerships, and fostering international cooperation, the government propels Indonesia toward a secure digital future. Together, we build a trusted and thriving cyber ecosystem, ensuring the safety of our citizens, businesses, and the nation’s digital sovereignty.”

Renowned for addressing crucial business challenges, forging paradigm-changing partnerships, and sharing the latest counter-intel against cyber threats, the platform has become the most preferred go-to spot for the region’s leading cybersecurity players. 

CISO at Goto Group, Boris Hajduk, another key speaker for IndoSec who also participated last year, expressed his excitement for the upcoming edition, “Indosec is a great opportunity to bring Indonesia’s infosec community together. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it is more important than ever for security leaders to work together to protect our organizations and customers. Indosec provides a forum for security leaders to come together, share information, and develop solutions for the benefit of the entire Indonesian ecosystem.”

At a time when the archipelago has suffered over a million ransomware attacks in the recent past, these organizations, which will also power the exhibition hall at IndoSec 2023, are constantly upgrading their cybersecurity solutions. The stellar line-up includes SANS, CrowdStrike, Elitery, Sangfor Technologies, SentinelOne, Splunk, Blancco Technology Group, BeyondTrust, Hackuity, AppSealing, Swimlane, Synology, Fasoo, V-Key, CDNetworks, PT Mega Cyber Security, hdDT Asia, Cloudbric, YesWeHack, IGLOO Corporation, Sectona, GND Cyber Solutions, PT ADP Solusi, DigiCert, CSC, Terrabyte, Cyble, and PT Seraphim Digital Technology. Though without a booth at the exhibition hall, the event platform will also have the presence of Senhasegura for networking opportunities.

Indonesia has sincerely acknowledged that each malicious actor has got a unique modus operandi capable of breaking into organizations’ critical infrastructure, and therefore expert intervention through a platform like IndoSec has become paramount. It’s perhaps the reason why organizations like (ISC)² Jakarta Chapter, ISACA Indonesia Chapter, iCIO Community, and Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) have taken the initiative to become the Association Partners for the event to aid in program development and getting better participation for IndoSec 2023.

In a statement issued post confirming (ISC)² Jakarta Chapter’s support for the event, its President, Andang Nugroho, expressed, “We are delighted to be the Association Partner for Indosec 2023, we realize that cybersecurity is in the top list of most companies and government institutions in Indonesia, and that awareness and readiness need to be raised to the next level. ISC2 Jakarta Chapter is keen to contribute on these and collaborate with all colleagues involved in Indosec 2023 to bring these about.”

With companies having to incur as much as $6.7 million to recover from the cyber-attacks, the promise of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and knowledge on the next-gen industry topics are driving the key stakeholders and decision-makers to participate in the upcoming event. The organizer, Tradepass, is positive that the platform will host 700+ cybersecurity experts, including the Heads of Information Security, Risk, Compliance, Forensics, and Cyber Law from the leading public and private enterprises across Indonesia.


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