Hyperdex Successfully Passes Smart Contract Audit By CertiK To Bring Advanced DeFi To The Masses


Zug, Switzerland, 28th April, 2022,

Hyperdex, a crypto asset management platform that aims to simplify DeFi investing and enable an effective finance experience for traders, announced the smart contracts that power its platform have been successfully audited by the prestigious blockchain security firm CertiK.

The completion of the smart contract audit represents a major milestone for Hyperdex on its mission to make DeFi more accessible to the masses. DeFi applications are prime targets for cybercriminals as public blockchains such as Ethereum expose all user data publicly. Transaction amounts and dates, wallet address and asset types are all visible to anyone on the blockchain, allowing bad actors to identify prime targets. As such, DeFi investors need to know the apps they’re using are secure, trustworthy and free of potential exploits and vulnerabilities.

By passing CertiK’s stringent audit process that lasted more than four months, users can rest assured that Hyperdex’s smart contracts meet the highest possible standards in the DeFi industry, and that their funds will be safe and secure when they interact with its products and services.

Hyperdex’s platform is built on four individual smart contracts that interact with each other to power its “Cubes”, which represent the three primary investment strategies employed by advanced traders. With its Cubes, Hyperdex aims to simplify those strategies. Hyperdex’s Fixed Income Cubes provide users with a fixed return over a set period of time; Algo Trading Cubes enable a variable return through trading algorithms; and Race Trading Cubes enable investors to speculate on the price of different crypto assets.

With the smart contract audit done and dusted, Hyperdex can transition to phase two of its ecosystem growth plan, beginning the upcoming launch of the Hyperdex Platform Mainnet. Other milestones on Hyperdex’s roadmap this year include the launch of its Modular Cube offering and its Peer-to-Peer and Hyperdex Loan Exchange, plus the imminent arrival of the Hyperdex utility token $HYP.

“We’re happy to announce that after four months of hard work, our smart contract audits are finally complete!,” Orion, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyperdex, said in a statement. “This is a big milestone for us and will allow the transition into phase two of the ecosystem to begin. This upcoming phase includes the launch of our mainnet platform, which is coming sooner than you think!”

About Hyperdex

Hyperdex is a crypto asset management platform that simplifies the DeFi experience to make advanced trading tools more accessible to new investors. Hyperdex’s investment products are packaged as Cubes that enable users to participate in a variety of complex trading strategies that fit their risk tolerance. Users will soon be able to deploy their own trading strategies within Hyperdex for others to follow, and amplify their trading rewards by using the native Hyperdex $HYP token.


Chief Marketing Officer

  • Orion Purtee
  • odpt@hyperdex.finance


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