HTS and Qiibee Partnerships Brings Blockchain to the Hospitality Industry

New Solutions

Hospitality Total Solution (HTS) and qiibee, a Swiss loyalty token protocol, have announced a new partnership to bring HTS’s prominent business relationships in the hospitality industry throughout Switzerland, Austria, and Germany to qiibee’s repertoire. HTS’s international business network involves 30 partners and 550 customers throughout 20 countries.

Founded in 2015 by Gianluca Giancola and Gabriele Giancola, qiibee’s goal is to help brands run loyalty programs on the blockchain by using its industry expertise and existing partnerships. Qiibee’s blockchain solution is plug-and-play, giving businesses the ability to create loyalty programs using the company’s protocol.

Established in 2016, HTS is a comprehensive software company designed for hotel and restaurant operations. The Stuttgart, Germany-based company provides property management systems, point-of-sale, supply chain management, enterprise resources planning, digital guest services, and marketing of Wi-Fi services.

Streamline Experiences, Improve Interactions

HTS CEO Markus Imfeld, general manager of the DACH region, noted in a press release that “[e]nsuring long-lasting enthusiasm among customers, and creating loyalty and trust between customers and brands, demands intelligent and individualized customer experiences.” He went on to say, “We believe that qiibee’s protocol, in allowing users to store and exchange loyalty tokens, provides our customers with the ultimate freedom of choice, thus allowing brands to provide a more meaningful customer experience.”

Imfeld noted that since technology is always evolving, HTS must be quick to adopt new technologies, such as the blockchain.

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Qiibee CEO and co-founder Gabriele Giancola said in a press release that qiibee is changing the loyalty sector by improving offerings to customers and brands using blockchain technology.

“For brands, high customer acquisition costs, low engagement and redemption rates, high outstanding liabilities, and operational risks and inefficiencies impede successful customer engagement,” Giancola said. “Meanwhile, for customers, the fragmentation of the loyalty market, the lock-in effect and low usability of points, and the lack of real value of collected points make it less than desirable to be active on loyalty programs. The qiibee loyalty ecosystem greatly benefits both brands and consumers by offering real value, choice, and flexibility.”

She also praised partner HTS for its “unrivaled pedigree in the hospitality business software space, who see the potential in utilizing blockchain technology for the benefit of both brands and consumers.”

Cedric Jackson
Cedric Jackson
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