How Terra Virtua is changing the world of fandom and collecting, one NFT at a time


It’s no big secret that the term NFT has suddenly exploded across the world to the point where it’s even trending on Twitter after Beeple’s artwork sold for over $69m USD in March 2021. But what the world is seeing and hearing about NFTs is very different from the buzzing blockchain world that has been growing and gaining traction over the past few years and while there are companies such as Nifty Gateway, Opensea and Rareible, where uses can buy, sell and trade their NFTs, Terra Virtua is taking it one step further. 

Terra Virtua Ltd is a fully immersive ecosystem where users can purchase, own and experience their NFTs in AR and VR but it also offers something more; with major partnerships in place with the likes of Legendary Entertainment and Paramount Pictures on the entertainment side, and Nick Percival and Tim Cantor on the art site, Terra Virtua is taking an NFT and making it a true, authentic collectable. 

Playing with the big boys

With the incredible partnerships already onboard, Terra Virtua Ltd has the licensed rights to an impressive collection of movies from Paramount Pictures such as Top Gun, World War Z, The Godfather I and more, and with Legendary Entertainment the Netflix TV shows Lost in Space, Pacific Rim the Black, and movies Pacific Rim The Uprising & Godzilla vs. Kong. 

With each license, the team at Terra Virtua right across the company work closely with the movie studios to make sure the digital collectables that are created and in turn minted into NFTs are not only a perfect representation of the original, but they’re also approved and created with the studio. 

What this means is that all items for sale on the Terra Virtua marketplace have been created together and approved by the original creators which really adds incredible value to the NFTs for sale. Add to this the beauty of blockchain technology that means if you’re buying a 1 of 5, there will only ever be 5 of those authentic items in all of history. There are no reprints, no second printing runs. Just 5, minted truly authentic digital collectables. 

Why is the ecosystem is so important?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the thing that sets Terra Virtua apart from the other marketplaces in the NFT space is the ecosystem that is built around the marketplace

Within the Terra Virtua ecosystem, there are currently 3 spaces. The Fancave, the Terradome and The Art Gallery. Each part of the ecosystem is as important as the other as it means whatever you’re into collecting, we have a space for it to be displayed and interacted with. 

Take the Fancave for example, in this virtual space your posters from Lost in Space or The Godfather hang on the walls. Some are animated, some aren’t, but they look awesome nonetheless. There are plinths for some collectables to be displayed on, shelves for smaller items and you can even customise the look and feel of the Fancave to truly make it your own. 

The Terradome is a far larger space, similar to an aircraft hanger, where the larger collectables are kept. In the Terradome you an keep a full-size Jupiter 2 spaceship from Lost in Space or a full-sized Kaiju from Pacific Rim The Uprising and while you can meander around via an app on your PC, you’ll soon be able to put on your Occulus headset and literally walk around the Terradome and stand next to these impressive beasts and vehicles. 

Finally, the Art Gallery is another virtual space where you can display, exhibit and sell digital, or rather crypto art. 

Partnerships made in technology heaven

The vision of Terra Virtua is to make the experience of buying and owning a digital collectable as seamless, and as familiar as ever. We don’t want people to have to learn about cryptocurrencies, wallets, even what an NFT is. We want to be like Amazon of NFTs whereby it’s easy to find what you want and buy it with no hassle and it’s this that has driven our partnerships acquisition strategy. 

For example, with Arkane Network we’ll be offering our users the ability to sign-on using account details they already have. You see this a lot these days where sites you’re new to allow you to sign up with your Google, Facebook, Twitter (and others) account which takes away the hassle of having to write out your details to sign up to a site. 

There’s also a partnership with uTrust to allow users to pay in literally any currency they want. This means whether you have a crypto wallet address or just a credit card filled with fiat, it doesn’t matter and you can still purchase collectables.

These partnerships, and many others, will ensure complete ease of use for anyone to get on board with. 

What’s next? 

Who knows! While we’ve been around for 3-4 years, we only went live in May 2020 and so we’ve got a lot on our roadmap for new developments, updated UX, apps and much more and we’re an agile business and flex where needed. This may mean certain updates get pushed or pulled forward, but one this is for sure, it’s the feedback we get from our users that really makes the difference. 


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