How is Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain and Enterprises with Secure Solutions For Big Data


The global community faces several problems that could be solved with the help of technology. is pioneering the use of blockchain technology to bring secure and private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to those who are working to solve these problems by computing massive sets of data.’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grants users affordable and on-demand access to computational power rivaling that of standalone supercomputers and centralized computing services. The key to’s delivery of these services is creating a decentralized infrastructure that harnesses the untapped power of devices with CPU, GPU, and storage that goes unused. 

Instead of letting this power lie dormant, the idle capabilities of thousands of devices can be utilized to aid research in healthcare, machine learning, and AI. Furthermore, when blockchain technology is employed to make this computing power possible, IaaS can be deployed with the highest levels of security and privacy. 

Blockchains Bring Inherent Security Features to Networking

Blockchains are proving to be one of the most secure and private technologies available today. The way blockchain networks are designed prevents bad actors from shutting down the decentralized system or tampering with information stored on the chain. 

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of nodes secure a blockchain and protect the validity of the information on its network. No one person can dishonestly change data on the blockchain without having that change immediately reversed. Furthermore, the decentralized nature of this system makes it nearly impossible to compromise a blockchain’s security, since there’s no server to attack.  

Centralized cloud services have to spend a lot of time and resources making sure their systems can remain impervious to hacks. Amazon, one of the world’s largest providers of on-demand computing, has been the victim of a few recent hacks and exploits, and it doesn’t help that their centralized operations put a giant target on their servers.

Additional Measures are Taken to Ensure High-Level Security’s code will receive rigorous audits that will double-check the security of its smart contract code. This is a vital step towards deployment that any reputable blockchain platform should take for discovering unintended vulnerabilities and providing proof to its community that no suspicious coding has been added to a contract. 

Providers who connect their devices to’s system are provided extra layers of protection as they participate in powering’s supercomputers. A sandbox security protocol makes sure that what happens inside of’s software stays within the isolated space of the program.’s Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Saito, has a history of prioritizing security and privacy during his long career in networking. His illustrious tech background includes time spent with Japanese telecom NTT Docomo as a security research engineer developing some of the first sandboxes for cell phones that debuted decades ago. Security Measures Also Take Advantage of NFTs will implement a unique feature for its services that is only possible by building on blockchain technology. A unique NFT will be transferred to users that acts as an identification key, and nobody but the user can be identified by this unique digital asset, similar to scanning a fingerprint to access a building. 

This NFT is non-transferable once it lands in a user’s wallet, and it is generated for each individual user after KYC has been completed by a third party. Additionally, third-party KYC makes it possible for users to remain anonymous when using, and the most the company will know about each user is their unique wallet address of randomized letters and numbers.  

This security feature also lowers the barriers of entry for users who are new to using blockchain technology. The NFT that acts as an identifier and key works entirely in the background. Most people who use will not even know they are interacting with blockchain technology, and this should help bridge a divide between the general public and the sometimes overwhelming technology it needs but hasn’t yet learned to operate from the back end. 

Establishing Security and Privacy is Key to Moving Research Forward

Researchers are turning towards tremendous amounts of complex data that need incredible amounts of computing power to make sense of it all. Without the computing power, Big Data remains white noise, and it becomes almost unusable for the purposes of actionable research. 

Without being able to compute Big Data securely and with the greatest care for privacy, access to computing power becomes a moot point. How can anything valuable arise from a system where hackers and other bad actors can manipulate or steal sensitive information? ensures users can obtain affordable and on-demand computing power with the highest levels of security and privacy in mind. Thanks to innovations in blockchain technology and’s unique take on decentralized supercomputing, further advancements in several medical, technical, and commercial fields should arise at the speed of a network’s strongest node. Keep an eye on StrongNode and other sister companies, such as Original Gamer Life ( and, as they move to make lasting impacts in the blockchain industry. recently announced that its Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDO) launch and $SNE token public sale will happen on October 6, 2021 in partnership with and More details around the whitelisting process on Starter can be found here


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