How Easy is it to Install and Operate the Deeper Connect Mini?

Deeper Connect Mini

The Deeper Connect Mini is a hardware VPN that protects personal data, provides easy access to geo-restricted content, and blocks unwanted trackers, malware, spyware and even adverts. Unlike software VPNs which demand monthly or yearly subscription fees from their users, the Deeper Connect Mini offers a lifetime of safe and secure internet use with one single purchase. While that may sound highly appealing, how easy is it to actually install and operate the Deeper Connect Mini once it arrives?

Installing the Deeper Connect Mini

The Deeper Connect Mini is a plug and play device which has been designed to operate right out of the box. As stated on the Deeper Connect Indiegogo site: “The installation process is so simple even grandparents can do it in 5 seconds.”

The Deeper Connect Mini has an input and an output ethernet port and a power cable. Once the device is plugged into the user’s home network they need never think about it again.

Two ethernet cables. One power cable. Plug them in. Done.

Digging Deeper

While the initial installation is incredibly simple and takes no thought whatsoever, most users will probably wish to fine tune the Deeper Connect Mini a little further. The dashboard of the Deeper Connect Mini can be accessed from any standard web browser with the following url:

From here users can login and start to make choices about how to configure their device.

Here it pays to understand a little more about how the Deeper Connect Mini actually works. The Deeper Connect Mini, and all the other Deeper Connect devices create a decentralized network with no central point of failure or weakness. This is called The Deeper Network. This Deeper Network of Deeper Connect devices work in harmony with one another, allowing every user in the network to benefit from all the other users and devices in the network.

From the Deeper Connect dashboard users can instruct the Deeper Connect Mini how to operate in specific circumstances. For instance, if accessing a certain site which is geo-blocked (US Netflix) the user can inform the Deeper Connect to access the site from a US tunnel. From then on the system automatically switches to the US tunnel without the user needing to do anything at all. If another site has a different geo-blocked location the Deeper Connect can automatically switch tunnels to Europe or whatever region is appropriate.

The Deeper Connect dashboard also allows users to set the level of protection which is desired via the web filter. Users can choose (or not) to block ads, trackers, malicious websites and age restricted content such as pornography.

All of the information is displayed in an intuitive and easy to digest dashboard which makes it incredibly easy to get to grips with. It really is up to the individual user how much they wish to delve into the inner workings of the Deeper Connect Mini. For most users the default settings are absolutely fine, but for those who like to really push the maximum performance out of their device and to get it working in the best way for them, the controls are extremely granular.

One area that users may wish to consider is how much they contribute to the smooth operation of the Deeper Network, by selecting the amount of internet bandwidth they wish to share. Users who wish to maximize their own performance may want to reduce their bandwidth, while those who increase bandwidth can even be financially rewarded with in-network DPR tokens.


The Deeper Connect Mini is easy to install and easy to configure, with no technical knowledge requirements whatsoever. For users who wish to delve deeper and tinker beneath the hood of the Deeper Connect Mini, there is plenty of customization and performance enhancement that can be squeezed from the system.


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