HeroVerse Releases Beta Test to Accelerate Early Growth

HeroVerse Releases Beta Test to Accelerate Early Growth

HeroVerse has launched its first Beta Test on multiple devices (mobile and PC). HeroVerse Beta Test attracted more than 5,000 beta testing applications and has over 2,000 active players every day. Major users joining the Beta Test are giving thousands of positive feedback about the game and looking forward to the game release.

Launch Beta Test to incorporate multiple NFT features

The Beta Test is the test phase that will precede the launch of HeroVerse Game, the pioneer to bring the top-grossing mobile game genre to the blockchain space. Apart from the GamePlay that focuses on Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy, HeroVerse also launched various NFT features in this Beta Test including Hero Upgradation, Hero Awaken and Summon. At the same time, they released additional Testnet tokens for in-game transactions and hero summoning such as HES (unlimited token) and HRS (Hero Shard). Together with HER (governance token), HES and HRS help to maintain the in-game balance and avoid inflation rate when playing. 

What is Unique about HeroVerse?

Ready-to-play with stunning graphics

HeroVerse firmly commits to their public roadmap, which creates solid trust for their users. Although the game is listed to be released this November in the roadmap, the HeroVerse game is already ready-to-play. Besides, everything in HeroVerse is carefully designed with stunning 3D graphics. The Design Team focuses on every single tiny feature in the game: from items to heroes to create a great number of hero variants in the game.

“This game is so attractive. I cannot take my eyes off it. My wife and I had to take turns playing it every day. Looking forward to the game’s release,” said a user from HeroVerse’s community.

Easy to Play Easy to Earn

Heroverse is inspired by the Match-3 Puzzle concept, which is easy to play and suitable for all ages. The goal of Heroverse is to match similar items to make them disappear, then users’ heroes will fight with the counter-parts. If they win, they are allowed to move up to the next level. This is when users can receive some rewards for their achievements, which can be transferred to the real world as a valuable resource. Normally, a game will last for about two to three minutes, which means in an hour, each player can continuously play at least 20 games and receive 20 rewards. There would be no other easy money than this. 

“Look at my money guys. I only spent one hour playing. HeroVerse is crazy and easy to play and earn. Can’t wait for the game’s release,” posted a user from HeroVerse’s community.

Recommendations about GamePlay Strategy

Players are required to own at least four heroes in a team. A squad is not compulsory to have four different elements. It depends on players’ playstyle and construction. However, it is advisable that players should choose four heroes from four elements to maximise their winning rate.

In HeroVerse, normally heroes are divided into 3 main roles: Damage Dealer, Tanker, and Supporter. Damage Dealers are heroes with high Attack Power and attacking active skills that deal large amounts of damage. Tankers are heroes with high Health Points and active skills that increase defense for themselves and their teammates. Supporters are heroes who are strong in skills to control opponents and support both attack and defense for the team. 

Closing Thoughts

With its outstanding features, HeroVerse is satisfying its users by its gameplay and game economy. The Development Team is also open to hear feedback from community members to make the game more user-friendly. HeroVerse is gearing up to launch its game this November with the high expectation from multiple gaming and NFT communities. 

Additionally, HeroVerse has just launched its Beta Test Contest with various cooperative events to encourage their community to give feedback about the game costing 5,000 USD in total. Do not miss your chance to experience such a fantastic game and receive a huge reward.

About HeroVerse

HeroVerse is the first pioneer to bring the Top Grossing Mobile Genre Game to the blockchain universe, which combines Match-3 Puzzle and RPG Strategy Play-and-Earn Game. 

IDO on September 23, HeroVerse has achieved its early success with remarkable numbers. Starting with only 300 members, after a few weeks, the number of its Telegram Official Community members successfully reached almost 70,000 while the number of its Twitter followers reached more than 94,300. On top of that, on its IDO D-DAY, HeroVerse reached Top 1 on Dextool only after 17 minutes of listing its governance token, $HER. Needless to say, HeroVerse has been attracting a lot of interest from crypto and non-crypto users.

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