Heroes Raises $1.1M From Investors in Seed and Private Sale

Heroes is proud to announce that it has completed its seed and private sale funding rounds. The funding rounds saw us get strong investment support from heavyweights in the industry. At the end of the raise, the seed and private rounds saw us raise a total of $1million. With this, we have reached another milestone in our journey to providing the blockchain community access to a play-to-earn platform that won’t only provide fun but would also provide a means for players to earn extra income. 

We are announcing with a lot of pleasure that our fundraising round drew the attention of important investors, who saw our project as valuable and decided to make significant contributions and assist us in raising $1.1 million in a very short period. 

Both rounds were sold out as we had investors get in a record amount of time that had even us stunned. 

Our investors believe in our team and they have strong convictions that Heroes’ revolutionary play-to-earn gaming platform will be a game-changer in the Blockchain gaming space. This is because we provide a unique and innovative solution to a problem that has plagued the gaming industry for a long time, while also pushing the message of socialization and networking amongst our users. 

Some of the lead investors in these rounds are Gains associates, CSP DAO, Evan Luthra, Moon Carl, Sumit Kapoor from Wise Advice, Mario Nawfal from NFT Tech, Alexandra from Crypto PR Labs, Mandy from Mandy’s ICO Research, Bitcoin Guru from 100x club, Orion Depp, Kosta from Maximus Capital, DCI Capital, Lester Lim X21, Edmond Truong Formation Finance, Lotus Venture Capital, Crypto nation, Crypto Curry, Crypto legend, Altcoin alerts. 


H3RO3S is a revolutionary real-life play-to-earn gaming system that attaches incentives to the different products, levels and talents on the platform and allows the end-users to redeem these incentives by completing tasks for one another.

The developers behind H3RO3S believe that “everyone deserves the joy of opportunities.” Gaming transcends borders and because of this, the company believes in taking a standpoint of being a platform where inclusivity is a priority. Their ideology is that everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender are welcome to be part of the community as the integration of people from all walks of life into the community is one of the goals. 

Users on the platform can earn as high as $1500 per month just by simply participating and growing from the rookie stage where they earn $3 per task to the prestige stage where they get the ability to choose the tasks they would like to be notified of.

The team at Heroes would like to express their gratitude to the community and investors for showing and giving their incredible support in our journey so far. On our part, we will remain a solid and trusted partner and will continue to create strong values for our investors. Again, we are grateful for the support and will always be indebted for the immense trust you have put in us. 

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