Here’s What to Expect From the Real NFT LA

Los Angeles, known as one of the most innovative cities in the world, is home to more than 1,000 tech companies and startups with at least 100 in the blockchain space. Los Angeles is becoming one of the biggest hubs for blockchain technology and is now getting ready to host one of the hottest NFT and Web3 conventions: NFT LA, which runs March 28-31.

Envisioned around the values of curiosity, connection, and co-creation, the convention will be hosted by “Edge Of NFT”, one of the most popular NFT-related podcasts. The team behind the podcast not only has explored the nuts and bolts of the NFT ecosystem for years but also participated in the creation and organization of some of the biggest NFT conferences of 2021.

Now, the Edge of NFT team is bringing together over 90 speakers to provide 2500 attendees with a unique opportunity to take a peek into the future of NFT and Web3, two technologies that are changing everything. Attendees will also have a unique opportunity to learn more about the organizations shaping the future of blockchain technology with more than 65 exhibits.

So far, 90 thought leaders and experts on web3, NFTs, blockchain, sports, and the entertainment industries, have confirmed their participation. These are:

  • Baron Davis: NBA Legend and Black Santa Founder
  • Beth Beiriger: SVP of Marketplace Operations @ DraftKings
  • David Meltzer: Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing | Author | Legendary Entrepreneur
  • David Wachsman: Chief Executive Officer at Wachsman
  • Jennifer Esposito: Actress | Artist | CEO, Writer, Director, Producer @ FreshKills Inc
  • Jeremy Lewis: Senior Director, NFT Acquisition, Crypto.Com
  • Jerry Kowal: Head Of Content & NFTs at Theta Labs, Inc.
  • Justin Aversano: Creator of Twin Flames | Co-Founder of @SaveArtSpace & @QuantumNFT DAO
  • Mark Cuban: Billionaire Entrepreneur & Investor
  • Medha Parlikar:  Co-Founder & CTO @ Casper Labs
  • Michael Casey: Chief Content Officer @ Coindesk | Host, Money Reimagined
  • Michael Terpin: Founder/CEO of Transform Group
  • Mickey Maher:  SVP of Partnerships @ Dapper Labs
  • Nicole Buffett: Fortune Magazine Top 50 NFT Influencer/Artist
  • Neil Strauss:  Blockchain Enthusiast | 10X New York Times best-selling author
  • Robby Yung: CEO @ Animoca Brands
  • Scott Page: Technologist | Entrepreneur | Saxist with Pink Floyd, Supertramp, & Toto
  • Sohrob Farudi: Co-Founder & CEO @ FCF
  • Steve Aoki: DJ, Producer & Co-Founder @ OddKey
  • Swan Sit: The Queen of Clubhouse
  • Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin: Co-Founder @ Axie Infinity
  • Falon Fatemi: Co-Founder of Fireside
  • Tom Bilyeu: CEO & Co-Founder of Impact Theory Studios
  • Jules Urbach: CEO & Founder of OTOY & LightStage
  • Josh Hackbarth:  Head of NFT Commercial Development at Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • Nicole Behnam:  CEO & Founder of Beyond The Interview
  • Nick Rose:  CEO and Founder of Ethernity
  • Halsey Minor: CEO and Founder of Live Planet
  • Adam Draper: Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC
  • Alexandra Hooven: Director, Strategic Partnerships @ Rally
  • Brittany Kaiser: Co-Founder @ Own Your Data Foundation
  • Chris Worsey: Co-founder and CEO of SportsIcon
  • Chris Conley: NFL Player for Houston Texans
  • CryptoWendy: Host of The O Show, LA Crypto Event Host
  • Edward Mason: Founding member of Frogland and CEO of 0N1Force
  • Hrish Latikar: CEO of SuperWorld
  • Jake Brukham: CEO of CoinFund
  • Jonah Bolden: Co-founder of @mativelabs & Advisor for @Smilesssvrs
  • Kris Bennett: the Bearded Blockchain Guy, Partner & Chief Learning Officer, Blockchain Training Alliance
  • Laila Maidan: Reporter at Business Insider
  • Matt Mason: Chief Content Officer, Palm Studio
  • Reeve Collins: Co-Founder @ Tether | Co-founder of BLOCKv
  • Shelly Palmer: CEO of The Palmer Group
  • Spottie Wifi: CryptoPunk rapper
  • Adam Friedman: Executive of Global Client Strategy Group at CAA
  • Akash Nigam: CEO of Genies
  • Dorian Banks: International serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of Design Build Research
  • Dirk Lueth: Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Uplandme, Inc.
  • Ed Prado: CEO and Co-Founder of RAIR Technologies Inc.
  • Eli Tan: Reporter for CoinDesk
  • Gareb Shamus: Superhero Expert and Comic Con founder
  • Glenn Lundy: Host of Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind and Top Clubhouse group Breakfast with Champions
  • Garrett Minks: Chief Technology Officer at RAIR Technologies Inc.
  • Joel Cassady: Drummer @ Walk Off The Earth
  • Ron Levy: CEO @ The Crypto Company
  • Miles Anthony: Founder and Project Lead of Decentral Games (DG)
  • Kas Vegas: Community Leader in the NFT space
  • Aggroed: Chief Executive Officer of Splinterlands
  • Natalia Modenova: Founder at DRESSX
  • Edward Zipco: Director & Co-Founder of Superchief Gallery NYC & LA
  • Eric Spivak: CEO & Founder of Urconduit
  • Jay Rosenzweig: Social impact entrepreneur
  • Jevan Fox: Executive Vice President at Agency Enterprise Studio
  • Jeff Kelley: Co-host of Edge of NFT
  • Eathan Janney: Co-host of Edge of NFT
  • Josh Kriger: Co-host of Edge of NFT
  • Ivan Soto-Wright: CEO and Co-founder of MoonPay
  • Adrian Baschuk: CCO of Ethernity Chain
  • Shea Newkirk: Early NFT and Cryptocurrency investor
  • Adryenn Ashley: Co-Founder of Billionaire Zombies Club
  • Al Morris: Founder of KOII Network
  • Ben Lakoff: Co-Founder @ Charged Particles
  • BlockchainBoy: Co-Founder, @CryptoKnight, BD & Marketing @InfinityPad
  • Bun B: Actor and Rapper
  • Crypto WeatherMan: Certified economist, YouTuber
  • David Bianchi: American-Brazilian actor, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Erik LaPaglia: NFT Evangelist. VC & PE Investor.
  • Jeff Crane: President and CEO at Trexon
  • Jillian Godsil: Award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and author – advocate for women in blockchain
  • Jimi Frew: Co-Founder of Blockchain Music PTY LTD and Member of MODA DAO
  • Joshua Jake: Crypto and Macro-Economic Analyst
  • Major Dream Williams: Serial Innovator and Speaker Creator of ARTMOB
  • Matthew Leising: Co-Founder at Decential Media
  • Mike Sessa: CEO of CryptoKnights
  • NFT Ignition: Co-Owner of Fame Lady Squad and Podcast Host
  • Stanley Bishop: Technical Director of the Budman Studios
  • Adam Levy: Host of Mint, the leading creator economy podcast
  • Jesse Tevelow: Founder of Praise and CEO of LaunchTeam
  • Dr. Peace Uche (aka doc.Peace): Public speaker, emcee, radio & podcast host, spoken word artist, and educator in the NFT space
  • Alex Nascimento: Managing Director of 7CC Blockchain Investments

Those interested in participating will be able to do so via the NFTLA irl (in-person event) or NFTLA meta (virtual event in the metaverse), all while also enjoying Los Angeles’ nightlife with the NFTLA night experience.

Those interested in acquiring tickets can already do so to secure their spot in what promises to be one of the hottest NFT events of the year. By attending, they will also take advantage of Edge Of NFT’s exclusive genesis drop, which will be an occasion to commemorate the event. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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