Guardian Link Brings No-Code NFTs and Anti-Counterfeiting Tech to Polygon


DUBAI, 17 SEPTEMBER 2021 Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to Web 3.0, has today announced a technology partnership with Guardian Link, a no-code platform to create and launch curated non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The partnership aims to galvanize broader participation in the NFT sector by enabling creators to devise their own ‘branded’ NFT marketplaces and launches without prohibitive transaction fees or extensive code.

Guardian Link empowers brands and creators to easily publish, mint, preview, and manage their NFTs, and provides custom templates and pre-coded smart contracts for brands looking to launch from their own bespoke marketplaces. Users enjoy a range of advanced features, such as automate royalty payments and Guardian Link’s proprietary anti-counterfeiting measure, which automatically hunts down counterfeit NFT copies and informs creators. 

Counterfeiting is a latent but consequential issue in the NFT sector and one that needs solving before mainstream adoption can take root. Guardian Link’s “Anti. Rip” counterfeiting tracker provides brands and creators with protection and peace of mind by monitoring across the web for duplicates, rip-offs, and copy-cats NFTs that can damage brands and impact sales. 

Through the partnership, Guardian Link users will gain the benefits of Polygon’s industry-leading technology, which builds and connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon’s framework is designed to regulate an environment where various blockchain networks function cohesively rather than as closed-off silos. 

The powers behind this technology are, Keyur Patel, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Guardian Link, Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder & CEO, Arjun Reddy Co-Founder & CTO, Kamesh Elangovan Co-Founder & COO.

 “Our mission is to make NFTs a global market that can be accessed and created by anyone. We’ve taken the first step toward this goal by removing technical barriers to entry through our no-code platform. Now, through our partnership with Polygon, we’ll remove the financial obstacles too, by mitigating costly transaction fees”  says Ramkumar Subramaniam, CEO of Guardian Link. 

By combining their strengths, Polygon and Guardian Link will be able to provide brands and creators worldwide a prime arena to explore NFT opportunities. Guardian Link’s legitimacy framework and Polygon’s scalability will ensure the authenticity and practicability of NFTs across multiple marketplaces and blockchains.

Shreyansh Singh, Head of NFTs and Gaming at Polygon Studios, said: “You no longer need to be an expert coder to get the full advantage of creating NFTs. You no longer have to pay exorbitant fees to sell your NFTs or wait for transactions to settle. Guardian Link on Polygon takes care of all the hard work so that brands and creators can focus on their craft, secure in the knowledge that their work and royalties are protected and not subject to excessive fees.”

“With the barriers to entry now substantially lowered by our partnership, we anticipate an explosion of brands and creators embracing the NFT revolution,” Shreyansh added.

Polygon is facilitating gas-free buying, trading, and selling for the world’s leading NFT projects, including Crypto Punks, Bored Aped Yacht Club, Beeple, Dolce & Gabbana, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, DraftKings, Autograph, and Mark Cuban’s

Polygon houses substantially more gaming and NFT Dapps than other chains outside of Ethereum, with more than 500 Dapps already in the Polygon ecosystem, strengthening the case for Polygon to become the plumbing of the “metaverse”.

Polygon also boasts over 60 million unique users and has facilitated more than 600 million transactions, both of which are growing at a rapid pace.


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