Greg Gopman dishes on marketing the future ‘Web 3.0’


It hasn’t been a good start to the year for the crypto market. Despite closing a year that was its most successful yet, the market’s capitalization has dropped by almost $600 billion during the first two weeks of the year as a group of leveraged traders got burned while speculating. Now, analysts expect the market to stabilize, which will require crypto projects to be ready.

With cryptocurrency projects being expected to behave more like traditional institutions due to regulatory concerns, PR and marketing efforts have become an essential component in the road to success. So far, this role has been played mostly by individuals with little experience and outside agencies with experience but little understanding for the projects they’re working on, which has limited the effectiveness for most development efforts. However, 2021 saw new trends emerge, as some experienced marketing figures spun up their own firms and began to play a more active role in the ever evolving crypto space.

One of such agencies is Mewn, which is a “Crypto ecosystem development agency” that provides “marketing, business development, and community oriented solutions” for crypto projects of all sizes. Being an ecosystem builder, the agency aims to help projects build brands and narratives that get investors and users to actually care about the project’s purpose and its token, instead of just using them as a speculative tool.

Founded by Gregory Gopman in March of 2021 after years of consulting for large tech companies, Mewn has consulted with projects like Star Atlas and Kadena in its portfolio of clients, as well as dApp projects like Siren and Ethernity. Gopman says about the agency’s mission:

“At Mewn, we help companies build a strong brand, get their messaging and narratives in order and essentially, remind users why this project is relevant for the future of blockchain, which if we do our job right results in token price going up. Every company is different and every company requires unique solutions, which we provide. From full re-brands, to new fundraising efforts, go to market strategies, exchange listings, partnerships, and events.”

Mewn is a reflection of the increasing relevance of building a community around blockchain projects to increase their market capitalization and investor interest, a trend that has been followed by major networks and low-cap projects alike. 2022 is expected to be another great year for crypto in terms of market cap growth but also when it comes to the development of protocols, networks, and dApps as more developers join the ecosystem, which will make marketing and PR efforts critical for the market’s success.


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