Global Rap Star TYGA Responds to Fan Demand With New Pharaoh-Inspired NFT Collection

As the trend for digital memorabilia explodes, TYGA launches a special PFP NFT collection ‘Ten Thousand TYGA’ (T10T) for his fans inspired by the iconic tombs of ancient Pharaohs with a techno-futuristic vibe

LONDON: Kreation, in collaboration with international rap star TYGA, today announces the May 23, 2022, release of the Ten Thousand TYGA (T10T) PFP NFT collection.

The Metaverse-ready collection, comprising 10,000 unique NFT artworks, is the creative vision of TYGA whose longstanding fascination with the pharaonic tombs of ancient Egypt has found strong expression in other creative projects. Infused with hip-hop cool and a rich, techno-futuristic vibe, this NFT collection came to life through TYGA’s close collaboration with HOFA Gallery artists Bran Symondson, 25m42 and Leo Caillard.

Commenting on the significance of this collection, Kreation co-founder Elio D’Anna says, “NFTs are redefining how things are done in the worlds of music and art.  And T10T is a sterling example of the accelerating trend of NFT collectibles in the global music industry.”

D’Anna adds, “Fans want richer and more personalised engagement with their musical idols and this collection delivers just that, both in the real world and the Metaverse. Tyga’s new NFT collection will take his engagement with fans to a whole new level, and Kreation is proud to be part of making it a reality.

Designed to be more than simple digital collectibles, each NFT artwork doubles as a secure digital pass to exclusive IRL benefits including access to unreleased tracks, unseen behind-the-scenes materials and a signed real-life print of the NFT. They also grant early access to the rap star’s new releases and a coveted cameo spot in his videos.

In addition to Metaverse connectivity, these soon-to-be-released NFT artworks also have built in play-to-earn (P2E) functionalities which are activated once connected to gaming platforms using wearables. Furthermore. with varying levels of rarity, each artwork is eminently distinct and primed to serve as online and Metaverse avatars for collectors.

The T10T NFT Collection will be available exclusively on the Magic Eden launchpad which boasts over 800k unique users per day, making it the second-largest NFT marketplace behind Opensea and the largest on the Solana Blockchain.

Kreation and TYGA drop Ten Thousand TYGA (T10T) NFT collection on Magic Eden 23 May 2022

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