Giddy Draws Attention at Permissionless With Life-Size DeLorean


Palm Beach, Florida, was filled with cryptocurrency enthusiasts in late May. The city played host to the Permissionless conference, the largest of its kind in DeFi.

Consisting of hundreds of companies and sponsored by industry giants, including Coinbase and MetaMask, the conference welcomed over 5,000 participants who listened to speakers talk about the future of the web3, the metaverse, and how cryptocurrency and NFTs will play a role in reshaping finance.

Staking app Giddy, who was a sponsor for the event and saw its CEO Eric Parker take the stage as a speaker, generated buzz at its own booth with a life-size DeLorean that attracted significant attention. The DeLorean, well-known for its part in the Back to the Future franchise, was used to transport Marty McFly to different decades in time in the popular movie series. Its creation was the result of experiments conducted by Doc Brown, and its use led to lots of havoc that stirred up the time-space continuum. It was the perfect addition to the atmosphere at the Permissionless gathering.

Giddy’s CEO, Eric Parker, spent time addressing the crowd during his talk on passive earnings through cryptocurrency using staking. Giddy has made waves in the staking space with its platform providing the first one-tap solution to simplify the arduous DeFi strategy.

Giddy recently raised $8 million in seed funding, which was led by Pelion Venture Partners and included well-known participants in the cryptocurrency world.

The company is preparing to launch its new platform later this year. The goal is to make sophisticated DeFi investing accessible to all– not just whales that currently dominate the space.

The challenge mainstream investors have long faced is the technical and time intensive process of executing more complex investment strategies like staking that require multiple platforms.

Giddy aims to change that by centralizing the process into one platform that is easy to understand. Through its platform, Giddy will provide users with the opportunity to earn high yields on their crypto assets.

Tokens held with Giddy are protected through multi-identity authentication. Users also have the ability to recover their private key to their Giddy wallet, should their device ever be lost or stolen. The company’s partnership with Web3Auth allows Giddy to provide its users with private key protections and follow the highest standards of information security.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are interested in Giddy are encouraged to join the wait list.


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