Geojam’s Creator Economy Token $JAM Now Listed on Kucoin After Token Generating Event Company Debuts Their Highly-Anticipated Token Portal


Over the last year and a half of being in the App Store, Geojam has built a name for themselves in the entertainment industry because of the talent they’ve been able to bring on as partners. The company has relationships with top record labels, management companies, and influencers, including Machine Gun Kelly, Mariah Carey, Nyjah Huston, 24kGoldn, and more. Over 100+ artists and influencers already use the Geojam platform to provide incredible fan experiences.

Over the past several months, Geojam has been shifting from a Web2 social platform to an exciting and unique Web3 platform that equalizes opportunities for artists, creators, and fans across multiple industries, not just music.

With their official Token Generating Event (TGE) off the ground via the KuCoin exchange as of March 31, 2022, Geojam is now a social economy where artists, creators, and fans can collectively generate value by experiencing moments together.

“$JAM redefines the existing $100B+ creator economy by creating a 360-degree cycle between creators and their fans to earn together like never before,” said Sarah Figueroa, CEO, and co-founder at Geojam. “$JAM provides tools for community governance through a fun and interactive user experience. Every creator will have their own micro-economy and can utilize $JAM to create proposals, have fans vote on them, reward users for providing quality content to the ecosystem, and enable fans to redeem products, merch, NFTs, and exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the $JAM Shop.”

$JAM will bring unparalleled utility, access, creativity, and community to the booming creator economy. It’s a unique and community-driven experience only made possible by Web3 technologies.

“As super fans ourselves, we believe in the power of fandom and putting a value on its intangibles. Creating a fully decentralized ecosystem gives fans and creators the perfect win-win economy to create together,” added Geojam’s COO and co-founder, Sam Krichevsky.

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The following represents several key focus areas of $JAM:

$JAM utility

JAM’s utility creates an optimal and mutually beneficial ecosystem for creators, communities, and fans. $JAM will redirect the flow of incentives away from social media conglomerates and back into the hands of the creators and fans through decentralization.

  • Community content operators democratize content moderation.
  • Creator Access Pools enable micro-economies fueled by $JAM.
  • The Jam Shop creates a 360-degree economy for users to redeem $JAM for unique products, merchandise, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Users will be rewarded for posting quality content to the Geojam platform.

Creator Access Pools

Creator Access Pools (CAPs) fuel the $JAM token economy. Each CAP acts as a micro-economy with its own governance. Every creator has Access Badges, and Token Holders gain ownership of creator Access Badges (NFT’s) by subscribing to CAPs to gain VIP access to a creator’s content.

  • CAPs become similar to launchpads for creators to sell their access tokens.
  • Creators provide fans with experiences, products, and merchandise. Access tokens allow its holders to submit and vote on proposals within the CAP.
  • Geojam is simply a tool that empowers communities to create and govern and is not in control of these third-party economies or their rules. Creators and their fans decide how to manage and act within these communities and how they would like to utilize $JAM.

Geojam Governance

The Geojam ecosystem governs itself via the Geojam Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and is governed by every single $JAM token holder. $JAM token holders can participate in decentralized governance by creating and/or voting on proposals. Over time, the Geojam DAO will migrate to the Geojam app.

Governance is critical for decentralized organizations, NFT Projects, and creators trying to harness the power of community.

  • Geojam will use, which is well regarded and used by most Web3 applications, as their governance tool. It provides a feeless and straightforward way to create proposals and vote – $JAM token holders simply need to have $JAM in their Web3 wallet (e.g. MetaMask) and connect with Geojam’s governance page to create proposals, vote, and participate in the $JAM economy.
  • Every CAP is a self-governed economy of interactions between the creators and their crowd.

Staking with $JAM

Geojam incorporates staking programs via the $JAM portal. By staking, content operators sponsor moderation nodes that validate content on the Geojam app.

  • To help support Geojam’s content ecosystem, $JAM holders can sponsor operator nodes by staking $JAM to provide content validation nodes to the platform.
  • These nodes receive content created and posted to the Geojam platform to validate information, such as the type of content and even if the content is inappropriate and may need to be removed.

Learn more on how Content Operators build toward a decentralized future.

“We are beyond thrilled to be hitting this major milestone with our TGE and the launch of our JAM Portal, which now allows people to buy experiences with $JAM!” Sarah adds.

The next big milestone for Geojam is the launch of Geojam 2.0, which will aim to get the next 100 million people to own digital assets.

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