Gaming and Green Startups Join Republic Crypto’s Crowdfunding Platform

Nori climate change
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Crowdsourced Startups Join for Opportunities in Investment, Growth

Republic Crypto announced on Sept. 25 that it is adding Quarters and Nori to its crowdfunding platform, bringing the number of blockchain-based startups on the crowdfunding platform to five.

This will allow the two startups to have open access to investment opportunities from both private crypto investors and larger investors. Many companies see republic Crypto’s crowdfunding opportunities as a welcome alternative to more complicated initial coin offerings, or ICOs.

Republic Crypto is a token presale platform registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), allowing it to crowdsource startups and increase their access to potential investors while meeting legal obligations. Its purpose is to give startup companies the chance to expand their investor base and create a democratized blockchain investing process.

Ninety-five percent of Republic Crypto’s crowdsourcing campaigns have achieved their minimum goals, allowing the startups to raise millions of dollars from investors of all kinds and significantly expanding their user bases. Because Republic Crypto only allows one startup to join the platform out of every 30 applicants (bringing the acceptance rate to less than five percent), the company can maintain a high degree of control over the process. While investing is open to anyone, even non-accredited investors, startups are subjected to greater scrutiny to ensure quality and the potential to grow into a profitable initiative.

“Republic is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of high-potential startups from around the world, and we are delighted to now offer our community access to two more such companies,” Republic Crypto CEO Kendrick Nguyen said in a press release. “By partnering with Republic Crypto, Nori and Quarters will now gain access to our SEC-regulated and direct-to-investor capital raising framework. These companies can also benefit from the fact that anyone, anywhere can invest in the startups supported by Republic; a key factor in achieving mass adoption and early startup success.”

New Partnerships Already Promise Success for the Future of Gaming

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Quarters CEO George Weiksner
Image Credit: Republic Crypto

Quarters, created by renowned 12-year-old crypto-kid, George Weiksner, is a universal gaming currency. Holders can use the token across a variety of video games. Quarters allows gamers to use a single wallet to facilitate these transfers, even across different gaming platforms, giving them the ability to keep tokens across games. Due to its new affiliation with Republic Crypto, Quarters has achieved its starting fundraising initiative.

Seattle-based Nori uses blockchain technology to enable users to impact society by encouraging and verifying the removal of atmospheric carbon from the environment. Nori tokens pay to remove 1 ton of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Nori’s engagement with Republic Crypto means that it can receive new investments from companies and individuals wishing to help in the effort to mitigate the effects of climate change. The minimum investment is currently $10, the lowest minimum amount on Republic Crypto’s platform.

The two companies join three previous startups who partnered with Republic Crypto.


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