Game Developers Look Toward PipeFlare to Monetize Their Work and Share


PipeFlare is a new NFT project looking to build on the success of P2E gaming platforms like Axie Infinity while providing a model for independent game developers to monetize their work. The project allows gamers to play multiple casual style P2E games and purchase NFTs which improve gameplay. Developers on the platform will take a share of NFT sales, allowing them to easily monetize their work, all while raising visibility and getting recognition by others in the industry. This project is one to watch.

PipeFlare P2E NFTs are now trending on the Polygon Blockchain. Over 15k unique pieces have sold with a trading volume of 111 ETH, the equivalent to almost $450,000.

The project is especially noteworthy due to the CEO behind the project: Jonathan Teplitsky, a Harvard Business School graduate and former military Veteran and avid gamer. Eventually, his love of games would transform his passion into an activity that would help independent game developers from around the world earn extra income. Equally important are the investors behind the project, which include Digital Currency Group,Horizen, and Horizen Labs.

While the project is still in its early stages, it is now working on developing SDKs to help independent developers easily plug into the network. PipeFlare aims to have 100 P2E games hosted by the end of 2022. NFTs minted on the platform are interoperable with all available games.

Integrating with other developers will prove essential to separate it from other NFT and P2E projects by getting PipeFlare closer to an open global platform rather than just one large centralized game like Axie Infinity.


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