G-Rocket Partners With FOMO Asia to Co-Host the Genesis Conference March 20-23

Genesis Conference

HONG KONG – G-Rocket announced its partnership with FOMO Asia to co-host the Genesis Conference in Hong Kong from March 20th to 23rd. The aim of the event is to establish a globally impactful Web3 community and lay the foundation for the development of Hong Kong’s Web3 industry.

Over the past year, FOMO Asia has gained significant traction among dedicated local Web3 communities in prime locations of Asia, including Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and Taipei, with over 3,000 total attendees and 5 million social media engagements.

In light of the recent statement from the Hong Kong government in the budget, indicating strong support for Web3 development and Hong Kong’s potential as an international virtual asset hub, FOMO Asia has chosen Hong Kong as the location for the Genesis Conference, which will be the first of its kind in the region.

G-Rocket, which is committed to promoting Web3.0 community development and creating a global Web3.0 ecosystem centered in Hong Kong, launched “Web3Hub” with Cyberport earlier this year to support Web3 businesses to set up in Hong Kong. Participants of the Genesis Conference can leverage G-Rocket’s expertise to deepen their understanding of Web3.0 and enter Hong Kong, as well as collaborate with local enterprises to deploy Web3.0 technology.

G-Rocket CEO Caspar Wong has expressed full support for the development of Hong Kong’s Web3.0 industry, emphasizing its potential to attract a new wave of international capital, technology talent, and innovative technology. Wong believes this will establish Hong Kong as a unique international innovation center.

“As a platform for exploring Web3 and promoting innovative technology, G-Rocket is honored to be involved in FOMO Asia and hopes that the public can deepen their understanding of Web3.0 and explore its technological development through this event.”, said Wong.

The four-day event, organized by FOMO Asia and co-hosted by CrossSpace, HKGDAO, and G-Rocket, will take place at different venues in Hong Kong’s core area, covering keynote speeches, panel discussions, project showcases, and business networking opportunities. The conference will include several special themes, such as the Web3 Training Camp, to provide basic blockchain knowledge to the public. The conference will also feature peripheral events by Web3 project teams.

Tickets for the FOMO Asia Genesis Conference are now available for purchase, and partnership opportunities are also available. For more information, please visit the event website.


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