FTX Presents Wynwood Studios: Where Metaverses, NFT Art Markets & Music Worlds Collide

Crypto Trailblazer, FTX, Showcases its NFT Marketplace, Exhibiting 30+ Burgeoning Artists, Presented by Entertainment Leaders, Hurry Up Slowly & ABRACADABRA

Miami, FL. (November 24, 2021) — With Miami Art Week 2021 just around the corner, a new era of art exhibitors, enthusiasts, and collectors is about to reveal itself in a booming age of crypto technology. Enter Wynwood Studios — a fully immersive pop-up experience showcasing the synergy of the worlds of art, music, and advanced technology. Spanning four nights in the heart of Miami’s art district (Dec. 1-4), event producers Hurry Up Slowly and ABRACADABRA will present Wynwood Studios and its lineup of unparalleled programming, featuring immersive and interactive tech experiences, exclusive phygital NFT art sales (or “drops”), and top-tier music performances by some of the world’s most recognized DJs.

The events will be powered by FTX the third leading US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange with a mission to grow the digital currency ecosystem. As one of the biggest players in the world of crypto, FTX has already made a name for itself in the city of Miami, having purchased the naming rights to the entertainment venue formerly known as the American Airlines Arena, propelling the city further on track to become the leading crypto capital of the nation. Today, FTX has expanded into the digital art world, releasing its NFT Marketplace in October and offering first-ever in-person participation at Wynwood Studios 2021. Aiming to remain at the forefront of trends in the art, music, and technology industries, FTX continues to establish its leadership, showcasing its latest venture at one of the world’s largest art events.

Each night of Wynwood Studios will feature exclusive in-person and online sales of art and music NFTs on FTX’s Marketplace (available at FTX.US). Exhibiting the works of over 30 iconic and burgeoning artists (some of which will be a surprise to be revealed), the events will showcase how this new era of digital art exhibitions and commerce has opened the door to a myriad of opportunities for artists who formerly had constricted voices and reach. With the expanded accessibility of a digital environment, these artists are empowered by the unprecedented dynamics of the NFT marketplace, taking back ownership and independently setting the standards for their work.

This movement is championed by The Art Plug — an art collective and creative agency founded by Marcel Katz with the purpose of making art accessible to the world. Lauded by Forbes as “the contemporary artist’s greatest ally,” The Art Plug’s acclaimed and imaginative collaborations have become marquee experiences at music festivals and art fairs. Partnering with Wynwood Studios and FTX, The Art Plug will curate these unique NFT experiences at the FTX NFT Gallery, featuring art minted on the Solana blockchain. In addition to the gallery, which will feature a space with 360° projection mapping of exhibited artworks, FTX will also offer an immersive indoor lounge, where guests can enjoy cocktails while immersed in crowd-favorite blue chip NFTs, including CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and ArtBlocks.

This space will also feature live musical performances produced by some of the most recognized entertainment brands around the globe. Kicking off the action, ‘ABRACADABRA’ will feature special performances by Seth Troxler and BLOND:ISH (who will be releasing a music NFT). Thursday night, presented by ‘WeAreTheFuture,’ will feature iconic performances by Damian Lazaruz and Nic Fanciullio. Come Friday, ‘Higher Ground’ will present the highly anticipated set by globally-acclaimed DJ, Diplo, followed by ‘Hurry Up Slowly’ presenting Guy Gerber and Kaz James on Saturday to wrap up the week.

Adding to the crypto melting pot, guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves inside interactive gaming systems with Star Atlas. As a ‘Metaverse’ virtual reality powered by Solana, Star Atlas will allow guests to play each other in hyper-realistic digital arcade games scattered throughout the venue, culminating in a large-scale LED projection of the Metaverse for all guests to witness. The crypto craze continues with the Galactic Gecko Space Garage Bar — a full-service bar and activated installation displaying the 10,000 Solana based Gecko NFTs. “Sponsoring” a Galactic Gecko and owning its NFT on the Solana blockchain will grant membership in this elite, fierce and thrill-seeking club.

Full lineup exhibited artists and headlining performers can be found below.

Where: TOE JAM 150 NW 21 St., Miami. FL 33127

When: December 1-4, 2021

Wednesday & Thursday: 8 PM – 3 AM

Friday & Saturday: 8 PM – 5 AM

Tickets: $100 for individual events

$350 for festival 4-day pass

Tickets Link: popup.wynwood.studio

About the Featured Brands

Hurry Up Slowly (HUS): Hurry Up Slowly is a US-based lifestyle concept focused on producing elevated and immersive musical voyages accompanied with original sound tracks. A team of nightlife experts (Youssef Erian, Erick Espinal, Gino Gomez, and Diego Gomez de Cordova) conceptualized the brand in 2019. Nicola Siervo and Navin Chatani, famed nightlife impresarios from KNR Hospitality and WALL Miami, joined in on the venture, adding to the team’s 30+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. Native to Miami, FL with global aspirations on the horizon, Hurry Up Slowly’s experiential movement caters to a growing audience of trendsetters, tastemakers, crypto enthusiasts and world-renowned art lovers who bring their talents to our dance floors. The concept was born from a void in the makeup of Miami’s nightlife scene which catered strictly to crowd & energy curation of the highest level. HUS fosters its own community by frequently collaborating with world renowned acts to amplify its movement and lend its talent to contribute to the Hurry Up Slowly experience, whilst elevating their internal roster of talent to international acclaim with support from industry staples. Hurry Up Slowly believes its curated crowd, tasteful themes, vibrant music and unique entertainment is what makes the brand stand apart.

ABRACADABRA: Founded by BLOND:ISH and Liana Hillison in 2017, ABRACADABRA is a female-powered collective. Revolutionizing the music industry by focusing on bridging the worlds of music, crypto with wellness & activism, ABRACADABRA produces yearly festivals that have become renowned in Tulum, Mykonos & Miami. The collective is also the home to ABRACADABRA TV (available on Twitch), ABRACADABRA Records label, and ABRACADABRA Festival, which has now seen three digital festivals produced in a single year with headliners such as John Legend, Major Lazer, Snoop Dogg and over 40 million viewers.

Vivie Ann Bakos a.k.a. BLOND:ISH is the co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic, a non-profit dedicated to removing single-use plastics from the music industry by 2025 through the collective power of music. Revolutionizing music festivals and events as we know them, ABRACADABRA has been using unique single-use, plastic-free for events in Tulum, Mykonos, and at Tomorrowland since 2017.

Star Atlas: Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol established a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world assets and ownership.

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