Footwear Giant Adidas Originals teams up with Renowned NFT Artist Fewocious


FEWOCiOUS and adidas Originals announce new artistic collaboration with the launch of an NFT collection later this month.

In a groundbreaking partnership that fuses art, culture, and innovation, adidas Originals has teamed up with the trailblazing artist FEWOCiOUS to create a new NFT collection. Pushing the boundaries of creativity and embracing the world of Web3, this collaboration promises to deliver a captivating blend of physical and digital products.

FEWOCiOUS, also known as Victor Langlois, is a 20-year-old artist who has taken the art world by storm. Recognized as one of the leading artists in the Web3 community, he has garnered acclaim for his playful style, bold aesthetic, and deeply personal approach.

Through his artwork, FEWOCiOUS shares his journey as a transgender youth, using vibrant colors and captivating imagery to tell his life story. In an announcement on Twitter adidas Originals introduced the partnership and expressed excitement about the artist the “embodies a youthful energy that lives within the fluidity of his work and explores The Art of Play.”

This collaboration between FEWOCiOUS and adidas Originals came from previous work at Art Basel Miami last year when the artist collaborated with the adidas Studio for an installation.

To launch the collection, Adidas Originals and FEWOCiOUS will introduce a limited edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass. This special pass will be available from June 22nd. It will grant access to exclusive products and also unlock the opportunity for NFT holders to redeem a complimentary artist-designed Campus 00’s sneaker. See a sneak preview of the sneaker art here on Twitter:


FEWOCiOUS expressed his excitement about this milestone partnership:

“Working with adidas is a real dream come true. I can’t believe I was painting adidas shoes in my bedroom by myself four years ago, and now I get to officially collaborate with them! This is one of the longest projects I’ve ever worked on, and keeping things a secret is so hard—I just want to scream it from the rooftops! I really believe in the future of fashion and footwear and the intersection of digital and physical, and I’m so excited for these to see the world and for everyone to be part of that journey with me.”

This collaboration not only represents an artistic milestone but also a technological breakthrough for adidas. For the first time, the brand will release a token-gated, NFC-tagged sneaker that is linked to a limited edition NFT.

Additionally, a selection of NFT holders from their broader ecosystems will also have the chance for early access before the public sale later that day.

Footwear brands stepping up their collaborations in Web3

This collaboration is one of many branded partnership, seeking to expand the frontiers of creativity within the Web3 community. The fusion of technology, art and fashion is pushing the boundaries of ingenuity.

The partnership between FEWOCiOUS and adidas Originals signifies a convergence of ideas, where art, fashion, and technology intertwine. Leading brand names like adidas, Nike, Hugo Boss and Gucci are seeing the potential of Web3 to expand their existing communities and create loyalty in ways that would have been previously unimaginable.

Moreover, brands are increasingly venturing into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to experiment with product design and brand awareness. By delving into the world of digital collectibles, footwear brands like adidas Originals are exploring the potential of Web3 opportunities. Just recently, Nike Virtual Studios made headlines by announcing its partnership with EA Sports to introduce customizable virtual apparel to the gaming community.

These collaborations showcase the growing interest and curiosity of brands in leveraging NFTs and digital assets to engage with their audience and tap into the emerging landscape of digital commerce.


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